What To Follow During The 2014 World Cup Draw

By Lucas Carreras
World Cup Draw offers much intrigue
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While there is nothing quite like watching the World Cup, we will have to wait until June 2014 for the competition to kickoff and play out over the period of 32 days with the winner being crowned on July 13, 2014 at the Maracana Stadium in Rio de Janeiro. The next best part of the World Cup will be taking place on Friday in the city of Salvador as the draw for the 2014 World Cup draw will take place. And with it all the speculation of who has the easiest path to the knockout round(s) and which teams will play in the group of death will be debated.

Before all the speculation can begin about who will beat who and what seeded teams will be playing in a favorable group, there are several details to analyze and pay attention to as you watch the draw on Friday. As of Tuesday, each of the four pots have been set by FIFA with the seeded teams — aka the heads of each group — being in Pot 1. These teams are Brazil, who as host country is already slotted in Group A, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Spain, Germany, Belgium, and Switzerland. Pot 2 will consist of the non-seeded South American teams and the five African teams, Pot 3 will have all the qualified Asian and CONCACAF teams, while pot 4 will have all the non-seeded European teams which include the Netherlands and Italy.

Knowing who the seeded teams are and what pot the non-seeded teams are in for the draw, many have begun to release their own version of what they think the eight groups will look like, and as a result this will factor heavily into believing certain teams have a better chance of having a deep run when compared to others. Let’s begin by analyzing the seeded teams and in particular those considered the weakest which are Colombia, Belgium, and Switzerland. While the first two are stronger and better teams than the Swiss, a few non-seeded teams like the Netherlands or Italy — two which should have been seeded — might fancy being in a group with one of the three as they will view it as a group they could win.

Even other non-seeded teams will fancy their chances of winning a group if they find themselves in the same group as Switzerland, so when watching the draw pay close attention to who gets drawn into a group with the Swiss as talk from those teams will be a lot more positive than teams drawn into groups with other seeded teams, While certain non-seeded teams will be paying close attention to which group they are drawn into the seeded teams will be paying attention and hoping non-seeded teams like the Netherlands, Italy, or Chile are not drawn into their group.

Reason being is these three teams are legitimate contenders to win any group which could mean a deep run into the tournament. An example of this is Uruguay back in the last World Cup where by winning a group which included host South Africa, Mexico, and France helped them finish fourth. Another thing to focus on during and after the draw will be to see whether teams will be drawn as B2 or C4 as an example. This is a crucial detail to pay attention to as several teams will have to make cross country journeys and play one game in temperate weather with their next game to be played in humid afternoon weather as an example.

The travel and temperature factor from game to game will play a big role in how well certain teams perform. All in the all for the reasons stated above, the 2014 World Cup draw will be exciting to watch and analyze.

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