Galatasaray Can No Longer Rely On Didier Drogba

By Aydin Reyhan
Photo courtesy of Didier Drogba’s official Facebook page

Ever since the departure of head coach Fatih Terim, reigning Turkish champions Galatasaray have been nothing short of ordinary. This will not win games at any stage. They have hired former Manchester City man Roberto Mancini, who is too focused on winning games by one or two goals then defending. This is not something that works when it comes to an attack-minded squad.

Didier Drogba, a 35-year-old legendary striker, only has a little left in his tank. He can still hold the ball up a little bit, but not like he used to. He can no longer run as quickly as he once could. He can not hit the target every single time he winds up a shot. He can no longer make the same runs he once was able to as his legs are slowly but surely giving up on him.

However, once in a while, he still has that special something inside his heart that allows him to dribble away from one or two guys then send through the perfect pass for a team mate. If he is all alone in the air, he will head the ball home without any concerns of the ball going elsewhere. He can take well-placed shots that almost always meet the corner… but this only happens when he is left alone as defenders can easily keep up with him and read his tricks.

Folks, Drogba is no longer the answer when it comes to leading a team on the European or even the domestic stage. The fan base as well as management expected this team win the title for a third-straight year but that goal is rapidly fading away by each and every week that passes us by. If he can not step up his game or is not replaced by someone younger, more agile and hungry, the team will continue to sink.

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