Holland Has Chance For Revenge

By Aydin Reyhan
Witters Sport-USA TODAY Sports

The Dutch will finally be getting their rematch against Spain for the first time since their 2010 World Cup Final loss. That’s right folks, sweet justice is on the table for the taking as Holland and Spain will both headline Group B with Chile and Australia right there with them. This is a group that is considered to have two of the very best nations in the world, but there can only be one winner.

The Dutch and Spanish held each other scoreless until four minutes from the end of extra time, when Andres Iniesta struck a beauty to win the the World Cup for the first time ever in his country’s honor. They honestly did deserve to win that game, as they were the better side for most of the 120 minutes. However, next June can be a different story as Spain are no longer the same power they once were. Instead, the Dutch have upped their game and are ready to make another run to the final.

Arjen Robben was one of the names that was arguably considered one of the very best for the Oranges at the time. There was a moment in the game where he was faced one-on-one with Iker Casillas. He was so close to scoring, but his well-placed shot was tipped away just in time by the Spanish No. 1 to keep the Dutch at bay. That is a moment that surely Robben will remember if he doesn’t indeed get the chance to play against the Spaniards in Brazil next summer.

This is going to be one of the matches of the groups that will receive the most attention, and deservedly so. These two countries faced off in the final of 2010 as previously mentioned, but it will also consist of newfound talent on both sides that will look to make the biggest of differences. They will both be ready to play the game of their lives if necessary in order to win the match.

Prediction: Holland 2, Spain 1.

This time around, the Dutch will be stronger and more confident in their abilities as they learned their lesson from the first time.

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