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Soccer World Cup

Top 5 Matches In World Cup Group Stage

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5 Matches To Look For In World Cup Group Stage

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It is well known that the FIFA World Cup is by far the biggest and most exciting sporting event in the world. Played for only one month every four years, once it arrives the entire planet completely changes: the schools close, people do not go to work, and even wars temporarily stop. Moreover, the excitement around the tournament is not only limited to the actual days in which games are played. As a matter of fact, it starts many months prior to its beginning.

For this reason, the high amount of passion with which millions of fans yesterday watched and followed the realization of the draws for the groups was not a surprise because the event symbolically represented the arrival of the World Cup season. Now, supporters all over the world know the exact schedule for every single match of the group stage and they can now dream and make their predictions.

The outcome of the draws has resulted in a very exciting set of matches that will certainly ensure entertainment during the competition. Of course, there will be games that might not sound very appealing to the public at the moment, but the beauty of soccer relies on the constant fact that every single match can potentially become a great source of enjoyment, even when not expected.

In addition, considering that almost all of the nations that are considered giants will be facing each other already in the group stage, Brazil 2014 has already set high expectations in terms of entertainment. The exception will only come from the home team, who, as usual, ended up in a very accessible group and will probably not have particular struggles in qualifying in the first spot.

Here are the top five most exciting matches that the draws have presented for the group stage.

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5. Colombia-Japan

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Colombia and Japan are two very similar teams. Despite the fact that they are not considered big teams, they will both approach the tournament with high motivations after several years of good work and a fruitful long-term project. Moreover, they have both relied on the experience of two foreign world-class coaches, José Néstor Pékerman and Alberto Zaccheroni, respectively, to qualify to Brazil. They are certainly the main candidates to move on in the Group C.

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4. Argentina-Nigeria

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Even if Argentina is technically superior to the African side, many outcomes could result from this clash considering the historical rivalry between the two teams. Taking for granted the Argentine qualification to the next round, Nigeria should be second in Group F rather than Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iran.

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3. USA-Portugal

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Without unexpected surprises this will be the decisive match for the second spot of Group G, which also has Germany and Ghana. As history teaches, the Teutons won't have too many problems qualifying as first. However, despite having the possibility of relying on Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal won't have it as easy to beat the Americans, who have become a very strong team in the last decade.

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2. Spain-Holland

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It is just impossible not to include this match on the list, considering that both Spain and Holland are the two finalists of the last edition of the World Cup, in South Africa. It will be a great match in which the Dutch will look for revenge for the loss in 2010. The Spanish side, on the other hand, still represents one of the main candidates for the title after six years of dominance in the soccer world.

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1. Italy-Uruguay

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Like it or not, Uruguay and Italy both represent a glorious portion of soccer history. Having won the first four editions of the World Cup between the two of them, the clash has every single component to become an epic game. Without a doubt, both Italians and Uruguayans carry the winning spirit in their blood. Furthermore, considering also that it will be the the last game of the round and assuming that both teams will need the victory to qualify, this could be considered the very first final-like match of the World Cup.