Everton Making Some Noise Under Roberto Martinez

By Aydin Reyhan
Photo courtesy of Everton’s official Facebook page

The Premier League is heating up with the reigning champions losing two straight at home to Everton and Newcastle respectively. Currently, they are all the way down the table in ninth, and what makes it worse is the fact that they are 13 points behind the team in first: Arsenal.

New head coach David Moyes coming aboard and still being unable to instill a dominant form is nothing short of worrisome. He departed Everton to talk this meaningful job, replacing historical coach Sir Alex Ferguson. Living up to his name has been nothing short of difficult, which means that he has to speed up his own little process of making this team what they should be: brilliant.

As for his old side, Everton, they started out with the 1-0 win at Old Trafford; earlier today, they managed to tie 1-1 at the Emirates against Arsenal. Both sides were brilliant, but the headlines rightfully belonged to the Toffees, who were nothing short of brave. They passed the ball around with confidence, took players on and connected smoothly throughout the match on both ends of the ball.

The best player was 20-year-old midfielder Ross Barkley, who sprinted towards and past opposing players, passed the ball accurately in a timely fashion and took chances. Basically, he seemed to be well beyond his years when it comes to maturity and an overall understanding of the game. His quick thinking allowed Everton to keep possession and stretch the rather worried and stressed Arsenal defense.

As good as Barkley was, substitute attacking midfielder/winger Gerard Deulofeu netted an absolutely stunning equalizer from the inside of the area as his shot simply sliced straight through the air into the top left corner, just minutes after Mesut Ozil opened the scoring. He entered the game with a burst of energy which quickened the pace of the match in his team’s favor. He is actually regarded one of the best youngsters by his manager.

Judging by today’s match, the Premier League is finally becoming less predictable as the expected sides are slipping up while the underdogs are playing some of the best soccer in Europe at the moment. If teams like Everton can cause upsets more than once, this should send a message to the rest of the league that any team can defeat another on any given day.

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