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10 Players to Watch For Between Galatasaray and Juventus

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Champions League

Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of the UEFA Champions League

Finally, the end of the Champions League Group Stage is arriving tomorrow as teams will be looking to finalize their passage to the Round of 16. Teams will be fielding their very best players and sending out a few prayers in order to hope for the best from their squads. They could even use a bit of lady luck to make things run a bit smoother.

The game on topic today is none other than Galatasaray hosting Juventus. Currently, Gala sit in third place with four points while their visitors have a total of six. Basically, what that means is that the Turkish side can jump ahead of the Italian champions by one point, thus guaranteeing second place in the group and advancing to the knockout round.

These two sides will be led by experienced coaches in Roberto Mancini (Gala) and Antonio Conte (Juve). Both managers know exactly how to defend, attack and wrap up games, but at the end of the day one side truly does have the better roster.

When we compare these teams there are only a few flash names on Gala where as on Juve there are a plethora of experienced international veterans and youths that bring home the points on a gamely basis. They play in a tougher league, Serie A, which is full of talent where they can not fit on the upper teams. Therefore, it is possible to beat the best teams on any given week more so than it is in the Turkish Super League.

Folks, this is going to be a game to remember. Therefore, for those of you who are at home around 2:45 p.m. EST or have access to the game, watch it.

Now, we take a quick look at the top five players from each side that are expected to make their mark.

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10. Giorgio Chiellini

Photo courtesy of Giorgio Chiellini's official Facebook page

The big Italian center back is truly the rock of the three-man defensive line of the Serie A champions. He is great in the air, strong at tackling and can lock down an attacker throughout the 90 minutes.

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9. Fernando Llorente

Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Juventus

The Spanish international has finally been able to find his stride as he is slowly but surely finding the back of the net. He is obviously the target man in the middle since he towers over almost everyone he faces. He will have to find a way to score if he does get the chance to play quality minutes.

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8. Carlos Tevez

Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Juventus

The No. 10 Argentine international has fit in perfectly into the Italian system under coach Conte. He is responsible for holding the ball nicely in the final third while looking for open teammates or creating chances for himself. He will start and make a huge impact tomorrow afternoon.

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7. Paul Pogba

Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Juventus

This young man recently won the FIFA Under-20 World Cup with France. He was actually the captain of that side and for good reason. He can run with the ball, dispossess opponents, pass the ball precisely and can even score quality goals.

He will have to step up his game in the absence of veteran Andrea Pirlo.

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6. Arturo Vidal

Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Juventus

This man is the holding midfielder who can win the ball back in an instant for his team. In addition, he has the ability to push up the field and find himself in perfect scoring positions. In fact, he has been scoring at will while his teammates have been able to find him.

He is arguably going to be their most influential player against Gala.

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5. Wesley Sneijder

Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Galatasaray

The Dutch international wears the No. 10 for Gala, but he has been plagued by recent injuries that have kept him out of the action. If he plays tomorrow he will have a huge impact as he does enjoy facing quality opponents. If he plays his part the team can play very well when it comes to attacking soccer.

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4. Felipe Melo

Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Galatasaray

This man will enjoy this game more than most since he actually joined the Turks from this very Italian side. He is a holding midfielder who sometimes tackles a bit too hard, but when he's on his game and keeps his anger under control he can be truly influential.

He is absolutely sensational when it comes to finding teammates all around him, and this unlocks the opposing defense almost every single time. He can score from distance or even with his head near the frame. He was given the nick name "Pittbull" due to his daring attitude and passion for the game. He will have to be perfect tomorrow in order for his team to stand any chance at winning.

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3. Selcuk Inan

Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Galatasaray

This man should be considered the maestro of the midfield since he can hold onto possession for a few seconds to evade challengers, send in amazing timely and precise passes and is responsible for taking accurate free-kicks and penalties which usually do find the back of the net at the perfect time.

He is the captain of this team and will have to play his usual calm and collected game in order to make the biggest impact possible.

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2. Burak Yilmaz

Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Galatasaray

This man was the leading goal scorer for the Turkish champions just a season ago. Now, he has been struggling as of late to find the back of the net on a regular basis. However, if he does perform well tomorrow by notching one or even two goals, his confidence will be right back on track.

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1. Didier Drogba

Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Galatasaray

This man is 35-years-old and has truly been the driving force of this squad since his arrival. His ability to hold up the ball, dribble past multiple guys and score goals from nowhere have made him the force that he is today. When it comes to offense, the play needs to go through him if they want to be successful in scoring goals.