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5 Reasons to Watch Bayern Munich vs. Manchester City

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Champions League

Champions League Trophy
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of the UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League final match day in the Group Stage almost always brings about an amazing match. Well, tomorrow will be no different as Bayern Munich will be hosting Manchester City in a match that neither side will be taking lightly, even though Munich have all but guaranteed group leadership.

Both sides have already guaranteed their spot in the Round of 16, but Man City will not forget the fact that they were humbled by a score of 3-1 at home during the first meeting they had back in October. It took a late consolation goal from Alvaro Negredo just to get them on the score board.

Basically, both sides are extremely powerful forces, but being that Munich are a perfect 5/5 and have won a trophy in their last two appearances in successful seasons, they are heavily favored since they know how to get the job done. They are rock-solid in every position and virtually have no holes in their game.

What makes this match special is that both sides are playing in a slightly different system under new coaches – Pep Guardiola for Bayern and Manuel Pellegrini for City. Both coaches know how to play attacking soccer, but one of them (Guardiola) is better at playing on both ends of the ball.

This game will be played in Germany, which means that the home side has already won this match on paper. However, if they take the Premier League side lightly at all, they will allow more than one goal.

Now, we look at five reasons why this is a must-see.

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5. The Battle For First Place and Pride

The Battle For First Place and Pride
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Manchester City

As we know, Bayern Munich and Manchester City are in first and second respectively with 15 and 12 points. If Man City wins at Bayern, they will finish the group even at 15 points. The good news for City is that even though they need six goals to even their difference tally, they can win the group with a 3-0 win since head-to-head results are looked at prior to goal differential.

Assuming that does not happen, this is a game about pride for City as they did lose 3-1 in the home opener. Now, they have a chance to get inside the heads of Munich and cement a dark memory of beating them in their own stadium.

Honestly, if they play their cards right, they could do it.

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4. The Defense Will Do More Than Just its Job

The Defense Will Do More Than Just Their Job
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Bayern Munich

The defenders on each team will push up when need be to help bolster the attacking options. Besides locking down their guys and making sure the ball does not roll past their keepers into the net, they will push up the wings and down the middle to help the midfielders as well as the strikers to create as many scoring opportunities as possible.

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3. Midfield Battle

Midfield Battle
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Bayern Munich

This will be a battle of the midfielders as they will have a lot to say and prove about this game as it progresses. They will have to run back and forth all night long to win possession, pressure opposing players on the ball and to create as many attacking opportunities as possible.

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2. Alvaro Negredo

Alvaro Negredo
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Manchester City

The attackers on both sides will be ever so important as they are responsible for scoring. If they are not on their game, their midfielders and defenders would have to work even harder to put the ball into the back of the net. That is nothing short of tiresome.

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1. Star Names

Star Names
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Manchester City

The man in this picture is just one of many stars on both sides that will be expected to perform at the very top of their game. If they play well, their teammates will be inspired to play as best they can in one of the most important matches of the year.

This will be a game to remember so for those who enjoy a little bit of soccer, this is one to watch, even as a casual fan who wants to turn on a game in the middle of the afternoon.