Heroic Napoli Says Goodbye To Champions League

By Riccardo Di Julio
Photo courtesy of Napoli’s official Facebook page

It is well known that soccer is, by far, the world’s most popular game. More than a simple sport, it is considered by many, as an authentic source of passion that spreads out on a daily basis to millions of people around the world, who are of course provided by a great deal of happiness that cannot be compared to anything else.

However, as much as soccer can be joyful, it can also be cruel; any team that celebrates is always met by another one who has to face the sad moment of losing. Of course, what makes the situation drastic is the fact that sometimes, the losing team might not really deserve to be defeated based on performances and hard-work.

This is exactly what happened to Napoli today, as it has become the first team in Champions League history in being ever eliminated from the group stage with 12 points in the standings. Moreover, what is more impressive is the fact that the Partenopei added these 12 points in the most challenging group of the tournament, which included the giants of Arsenal and Borussia Dortmund

In order to qualify, the squad led by Rafael Benitez needed to either beat the British side with a three-goal advantage, or just win by any score while hoping for Olympique de Marseille not to lose against the German team. Unfortunately for the Italians, neither of these scenarios happened for only one goal.

As a matter of fact, Napoli could only achieve a 2-0 victory over Arsenal and Dortmund took advantage of a late goal to get the 2-1 win over the French side. As a consequence of this, the Partenopei are forced to say goodbye to the Champions League despite adding as many points as the two main rivals.

With this, one of the most unfortunate yet epic performances in European history comes to an end. Contrary to Juventus, the elimination of today must not be considered as a failure for Napoli, who played at the highest of its potentials and only deserves to be praised for the hard work. Despite everything, in fact, at least it earned the merit of not conceding points in any of the home games.

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