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10 Midfielders In Premier League That Every Team Can Use

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Premier League Midfielders Who Deserve All of The Attention

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Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of the Premier League

The Premier League is known for its quality in every single position on the field. The defense, offense and goalkeeping are three of the top qualities, but the midfield is where the real talent is.

Premier League teams have guys that can control the tempo of the matches, bark out directions to their teammates on both ends of the field and can both defend and attack just as well as anyone. This position requires the most energy since they have to run up and down for the majority of the 90 minutes.

Some guys give up after they begin to run out of energy, but others seem to put their mind a bit more into the game to help them find their second wind. Their dedication is absolutely remarkable since it is truly what drives them throughout the games. Their leadership is absolutely crucial to the games as they can make or break the outcome.

Obviously, there are teams that have some of the best midfielders in the world such as Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool just to name a few. The other ones also have their own blossoming talents that will become better one day soon.

The beauty of this league is the fact that players can learn during every single game as they are forced to play near the very top of their game. Once they get accustomed to that, they start pushing themselves even further to get the very best out of their abilities.

Here are the top 10 midfielders in the Premier League today.

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10. Gary Medel (Cardiff City)

Gary Medel
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Cardiff City FC

The Chilean international can be described as the rock of the midfield since his ability to hold possession and direct his teammates is crucial to his team staying focused. In addition, he can break up swift attacks from the opposing teams with his tough tackling and timely interceptions.

He is truly a starter for most teams in the league and of course for his nation.

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9. Juan Mata (Chelsea)

9. Juan Mata (Chelsea)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Chelsea FC

The midfielder/winger has not been trusted by new manager Jose Mourinho as much, but when he does play, he is simply the difference when it comes to creating plays in the final third. Whether it be his timely passing, shooting or dribbling, he deservedly wears the prestigious number 10 for his club.

Once he gains his coach's trust, he will be assisting and scoring like a well-oiled machine.

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8. Paulinho (Tottenham Hotspur)

 8. Paulinho (Tottenham Hotspur)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Tottenham Hotspur

This man was the holding midfielder of the Brazil side that just lifted the Confederation's Cup this past summer. He was holding the ball up for teammates, sending sweet passes and scoring some brilliant goals at times.

At Tottenham, he has been his usual self when it comes to passing, defending and playing patient soccer, but he has not played with the same flair as of yet. He is not used to every team daring to face him with an attitude. He believes that playing for Spurs is similar to playing for Brazil, which is absolutely wrong by all means. Once he learns that he has to earn his stripes here, he will be brilliant.

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7. Mesut Ozil (Arsenal)

7. Mesut Ozil (Arsenal)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook of Arsenal FC

This creative gem of a midfielder joined the Gunners this past August in a shock move from Real Madrid, where he used to be the number 10. Now, he wears the number 11 and is making his presence felt with his swift passing, tricky runs, dazzling assists and few but phenomenal goals. He is already a guaranteed starter with his skills, but still has to make his mark at the club by winning a trophy.

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6. Adam Lallana (Southampton)

Adam Lallana (Southampton)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Southampton FC

This 25-year-old plays against every single opposition in the Premier League without any fear whatsoever. In fact, his daring play has allowed him to play as team captain with older veterans playing under his guidance. He can tackle, pass, run and even score when need be. He will one day soon be a regular on the English national team.

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5. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)

5. Steven Gerrard (Liverpool)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Liverpool

This man is truly the heart and soul of the club where no one walks alone. He has been team captain for many years and even turned down a move to Chelsea some years ago as his heart truly belongs at Anfield.

He is the driving force of this club and the father to all the future talents that the club is developing. Whether it be his goals, assists or overall presence on the field, he is the most irreplaceable player on this roster.

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4. Eden Hazard

4. Eden Hazard
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Chelsea FC

He is one of the fastest wingers in the world, and has some of the best footwork on anybody. He can pass the ball, embarrass opponents and score some crazy goals. The only problem is that he is still a bit selfish on the ball as he likes the attention. Once he gets past this and matures just a bit more, he will be legendary.

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3. James Milner (Manchester City)

3. James Milner (Manchester City)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Manchester City

This man is the dark horse of this list as he may seem as someone who does not belong here. However, after watching his past performance against the best side in Europe, Bayern Munich, and seeing him win a penalty and score a beauty, he has to be respected.

He is one of the strongest midfielders physically and is the smartest when it comes to playing in a central or wing role. He runs the extra mile and takes that extra step that can truly make the difference. He should make the World Cup squad this summer if he keeps up this form.

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2. David Silva (Manchester City)

2. David Silva (Manchester City)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Manchester City

This Spanish international midfielder is the leader of his club. He runs the creative aspect of the game in the final third and will drop back if desperately needed. He is one of the cleanest midfielders in addition to being one of the smartest. He can score and pass until the job is done. His patience makes him the player that he is.

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1. Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal)

1. Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Arsenal

This young man is a true miracle story when it comes to coming back with a roar after breaking a leg literally. This happened a few seasons ago, and now he is the true star of his midfield. He even leads his team in scoring at eight. He makes something out of nothing and finishes brilliant plays set up by his teammates.

If he was an English international, he would easily be starting or at the very worst be coming on off the bench in next summer's FIFA World Cup. He plays for Wales, who will not be participating.

Regardless, he is a true European talent who will only get better in the upcoming seasons. He deservedly wraps up this list of 10.