Top 10 Strikers In Premier League

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Best Strikers in The Premier League

Best Strikers in The Premier League
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of the Premier League

The Premier League is full of talent when it comes to strikers. They range from zeroes to heroes who can prove themselves on any given day. These are the guys that can make or break a game with a game-winning goal for an unbelievable miss in the dying seconds. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the strikers of the most prestigious domestic league in the world.

When we look at this position, the players that come to mind are the ones that play for Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool. These are the teams that grab the attention not just in England, but all over the continent. Honestly, the most pressure is put on these guys because of the prestige of their clubs names.

The rest of the league’s teams also deserves some, if not as much attention because they work just as hard to grab results. Sometimes they cannot live up to the hype of matching their superiors, but they still try their very best to get goals, defend and control the tempo of the matches.

Winning the league title is never an easy feat since there is fatigue that causes squad rotations. If clubs only rely on their starting strike force, they will face some difficulty in grabbing consistently positive results as the game of soccer in this league is absolutely draining. If they are not given a game off here and there, they will not be able to give it 100 percent during each game.

Now, we can take a quick look at 10 of the best strikers in the Premier League.

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10. Roberto Soldado (Tottenham Hotspur)

Roberto Soldado (Tottenham Hotspur)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Tottenham Hotspur

This Spanish international has had a very slow start to his routine in England, but once he gets accustomed to the physicality and slower speed of the game, he will not stop scoring. He was the king of scoring in Spain for Valencia. Now, he is looking for that same form that earned him his big-money move to the Premier League.

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9. Christian Benteke (Aston Villa)

Christian Benteke (Aston Villa)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Aston Villa

The Belgian international starter was their best striker last season and this season, until he was hit with an injury that has kept him out of action for quite some time now. Before the season started, he had the chance to join the likes of Manchester United or Arsenal, but chose to sign an extension with his current club to stay loyal. Not only can he score at will, but he respects the organization and fanbase.

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8. Loic Remy (Newcastle United)

Loic Remy (Newcastle United)
Photo courtesy of the official of Newcastle United

He arrived on the scene last season at Queens Park Rangers, but joined his new club on loan due to the relegation of the former. He is fast, skilled and can score, but his team mates still do not understand his game just yet. Once they do, he will be just as dangerous as any other striker that the league has in its ranks.

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7. Olivier Giroud (Arsenal)

Olivier Giroud (Arsenal)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Arsenal

This man arrived from Montpellier of the French Ligue 1 as the leading scorer from the previous season. He had a slow start in the Premier League, but has found his stride and knows exactly what his role is: to score goals when his teammates set him up. Just as importantly, he is tasked with holding the ball up by using his strength to create time ad space for others.

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6. Pablo Osvaldo (Southampton)

Pablo Osvaldo (Southampton)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Southampton FC

This man is an Italian international who comes up with tricks out of nowhere. His most recent yet amazing goal arrived in the 1-1 draw at home against Manchester City when he danced away from two or three defenders, then chipped the ball into the top corner from a respectable distance. If he keeps that up, he will quickly become transfer target for some of the richer clubs in the league.

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5. Robin van Persie (Manchester United)

Robin van Persie
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Manchester United

This man sold out Arsenal a season ago in order to join an organization that can win league titles year after year. Well, it worked the first year since they won the Premier League right back from Manchester City. He was a huge part of that successful run with his vision and knack for scoring goals on multiple occasions. He is truly the missing piece of that offense.

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4. Wayne Rooney (Manchester United)

Wayne Rooney
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Manchester United

This man is the architect in the final third of the Manchester United lineup. He can hold the ball, pick out wide-open team mates at will, and send rippling shots at goal which almost always trouble the keeper. He is the number 10 maestro who is the engine of the team.

He is the most irreplaceable member of his team and can stack up the stat sheets when it comes to goals and assists. He is their best player by a wide margin.

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3. Daniel Sturridge (Liverpool)

Daniel Sturridge (Luis Suarez)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Liverpool

He joined the club last season and has become an instant hit. He started out this new season in blistering form, but injuries have forced him off the field. When healthy, however, he is a brilliant partner in crime to the Uruguayan international Luis Suarez. Together, they can devastate any sort of opponent in this league.

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2. Sergio Aguero (Manchester City)

Sergio Aguero
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Manchester City

With 12 goals thus far in the league season, he is no. 2 on the scoring chart and deservedly so. He is clearly the team's best striker as he is fast, strong, tricky and has the ability to score from almost anywhere inside the final third. He is an irreplaceable member of the offense.

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1. Luis Suarez (Liverpool)

Luis Suarez (Liverpool)
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook of Liverpool

He missed the firs five games of the season, but he is still the leading scorer with 14. He is simply the best in his position as he can dribble, hold the ball up, find teammates on quick runs and unleash from both long and short distances to stun the keepers. His club will be lucky to keep him in their grasp after this season.

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