Chelsea's Lack of Heart Becoming a Hindrance

By Brian Arnaud
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Looking at Chelsea FC now on paper you have an incredibly impressive team. The likes of Juan Mata, Andre Schurlle, Kevin DeBruyne, and the legendary Frank Lampard all grace a roster that is well rounded and deadly. However, since Jose Mourinho’s return to Stamford Bridge they’ve seemed to fail at being the defensive stronghold that they were during Mourinho’s first run leading the Blues. They have conceded 17 goals this season so far while in Mourinho’s first entire season they only conceded 15. Yes they are still title contenders and are still one of the best teams in England, however, they are missing that total desire to win.

Recently watching Chelsea’s games one would notice a statistically strong team, very fluid, and solid for the most part. Although, they don’t seem like a team that has the desire to always be on top regardless the game. I first noticed this in their 2-0 loss against Newcastle United. They never had any true attacking edge apart from Eden Hazard’s performance. All of the players seemed to keep making stupid mistakes that led to the ball being given away. When Roberto Di Matteo was in charge Chelsea had a team who didn’t have too much depth nor talent like they do now, but they won the Champion’s League trophy because they fought for every game like it was their final one, even if some of them could’ve been. I remember watching the game against Barcelona thinking there was no hope at all, and I was extremely surprised that they had actually beaten the European giants.

Chelsea is currently in a winning form, but it seems to be too planned out and replicated constantly. Chelsea needs to find that extra bit of motivation to bring the team together. They have players talented enough to make this season extremely successful, but they need to bring it together and fight for the crest on the shirt. Their last two games (Steaua Bucuresti and Crystal Palace) were wins, but at any moment in time the teams could have capitalized on mistakes the Blues were making and eventually pulled the rug from under them to deny them the points needed. The best current example was the game against FC Basel; at no point in time during the game did Chelsea have the upper hand, and the way the team was playing it didn’t look as if they wanted to change it either. For Chelsea to win the trophies, and maybe for Mourinho to keep his job, they need to find that passion that pushed them to win the Europa league last season and The FA Cup and Champions League the season before that.

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