Per Mertesacker's Confrontation With Mesut Ozil Was Strange But Positive

By Stowe Gregory
Image via Arsenal’s Official Facebook Page

It was a strange sight to Mesut Ozil refrain from applauding his own Arsenal fans as Per Mertesacker shouted at him following their 6-3 loss away at Manchester City in the Premier League.

Ozil appeared to ignore any acknowledgement for his own supporters, who had traveled up north from London for the early kick off on Saturday.

It is perhaps strange as the home country of both Ozil and Mertesacker is Germany — a place where it is very common to see the players stay behind post match to give extended thanks to their fans. Ozil showed no signs of his nation’s traditions at the Etihad.

It led to Mertesacker running over in slight anger and setting Ozil straight, letting him know how to behave.

Arsenal fans will inevitably be confused on how to feel about this,with their star man Ozil showing little admiration but one of their leaders, Mertesacker, displaying he possess the morals they would almost certainly respect and be proud of.

Perhaps the only excuse is that the poor scoreline and unconvincing performance had really got to Ozil and he just wanted to leave the field.

It would be a stretch too far though to twist this story and suggest it is a sign of Arsenal’s squad imploding as some media outlets will inevitably do. If anything the opposite can be said as there are clearly members of that squad who are not afraid to show their emotions for the club’s good, which in recent years has been lacking.

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