Is Fabio Capello Going To Be The Next Tottenham Coach?

By Lucas Carreras
Is Fabio Capello headed to Tottenham?
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As Tottenham was on the receiving end of a second goleada within a month’s time after losing to Liverpool 5-0 at home early on Sunday in Premier League action, rumors immediately began to circulate that Andre Villas-Boas was on the verge of being fired at any moment. At this point, firing Villas-Boas would not be something that Tottenham management would be ill-advised to do given the play of the team, especially their attack, as well as the fact that Villas-Boas has said and done things to create his own hot seat.

Whether or not Villas-Boas has been or will be fired is to be determined, but assuming that he is given his pink slip, one of the names of individuals in line to replace him as coach of the White Heart Lane club is former England coach and current Russia coach Fabio Capello. At first glance, it might seem like Capello going to coach Tottenham and potentially leaving Russia behind and not coach at the 2014 World Cup is something that would happen, but am I advocating that this should be the case.

To assume that the prospect of Capello coming in and replacing Villas-Boas is far fetched would be a mistake. There are several reasons why this could happen, assuming that Villas-Boas is fired as Tottenham coach. First and foremost, Tottenham would need someone to come in and be able to work with the squad as is and not lament that it is not a team to their respective liking. Capello has the track record to show that he has won with offensively potent teams and teams who were more defensive minded first teams.

Another reason why Capello being brought in to take over as Tottenham coach is not that far of a stretch is that Tottenham’s biggest issue at the moment is the fact that Villas-Boas has made things too complicated in terms of what he wants tactically, and as a result, Tottenham’s attacking ability and efficiency have suffered, as the team has only scored 15 league goals to date. Bringing in Capello would help remedy this, as Capello would come in and keep his tactics simple, but also find a way to generate more consistent attack while doing more to get striker Roberto Soldado more reliable service inside the penalty area.

There is one more point to keep in mind in regards to speculating if Capello would take over as Tottenham coach if Villas-Boas was dismissed, and that is the fact Capello has a very good relationship with Technical/Sporting Director Franco Baldini. Baldini has worked alongside Capello for the majority of Capello’s coaching career, and it is no surprise that when Baldini departed as England coordinator, Capello’s tenure as England coach eroded and then eventually saw him resign. The fact these two share such a very good relationship makes Capello going to Tottenham not so far fetched of an idea, assuming Villas-Boas is fired.

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