Jordan Henderson Has Chance To Be Key Man For Liverpool And England

By Stowe Gregory
Image via @LFC

Liverpool midfielder Jordan Henderson has the chance to push on and become an integral part of Liverpool’s team and possibly England‘s, as Steven Gerrard sits out injured.

I am sure some will argue that Henderson is already a key part of Brendan Rodger‘s side, but he has yet to really reach the importance that he would not only want to be, but has the potential to reach.

At 23, Henderson’s quality can be a little confusing. Just how good is he? At a young age many believed he was England’s next big thing, but he has been widely slated for being seen as average.

However, with Liverpool captain Gerrard now out for some time, Henderson is the man who Liverpool need to dominate their midfield. We know he has some ability, but he is beginning to prove many people wrong now, including myself. His form is taking him up another level. The responsibility of being that key man in the midfield is allowing him the chance to express himself and be a more creative player. With Gerrard’s career inevitably heading towards it’s latter days, Henderson can make a claim now to be their future. He’s still young.

Another target on Henderson’s horizon is the 2014 World Cup. Say all you want about club football being a priority, but representing your nation at a World Cup is almost always something a player wishes to add to their career achievements.

Henderson is certainly edging closer towards a certain place on that England flight to Brazil now. If he keeps up his form and avoids injury there is no reason as to why not. At Euro 2012 Henderson played a very small part in Roy Hodgson‘s side though, with just a brief appearance in extra-time against Italy.

He now has the chance to take this very impressive form onwards towards the end of the season and show Hodgson that he is a good technical player with the ability to impress at the highest level. On Sunday he was a major part of Liverpool’s thumping of Tottenham. England need players like that and it is really in Henderson’s own hands, or feet, to take the chance he has to impress and further his career.

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