Is Tim Sherwood The Solution For Tottenham?

By Lucas Carreras
How will Tim Sherwood do as Tottenham coach?
Photo Courtesy of the Official Tottenham Hotspur Facebook Page

After Tottenham suffered another humiliating blowout league loss on Sunday, this time 5-0 to Liverpool, all attention was immediately turned to being on the lookout as to when and then who would replace Andre-Villas Boas as coach of Tottenham given their play in Premier League action has left a lot to be desired. We did not have to wait long as early on Monday the club had announced that Villas-Boas would no longer be coach with Tim Sherwood taking over on an interim basis.

While Sherwood may be a relative unknown to many people he is not an unknown figure to those within the club and those who support Tottenham. Sherwood played four seasons with the team from 1999-2003 and most recently served as an assistant when Harry Redknapp coached the team. While he was taken into consideration for the Technical Director position currently occupied by Franco Baldini, Sherwood was retained as the technical coordinator. In this role, he oversees the under-21 development squad and the youth team setup.

Needless to say that Sherwood comes into the caretaker role with some impressive qualifications and just as importantly a very good understanding of the current players on the team as they embark on this new chapter and try to turn around a disappointing 2013-14 season to date. With all that said, the question that still needs to be asked is can Sherwood succeed as the interim coach? This is a question that cannot be answered by a simple yes or no.

In order for Sherwood to have success as the interim coach for Tottenham he will first and foremost have to implement a formation or tactical adjustment that will allow him to get the best out of the players on the team. One of the main complaints about Villas-Boas has been that players really had no idea what was expected out of them during any given moment, and it was reflected in their play as at times they looked like a disoriented team who lacked a clear plan of attack. Coming up with an answers to this question will be Sherwood’s first and most immediate task as the interim coach of Tottenham.

To go along with answering the first question, another question that Sherwood was must answer if he is to succeed as Tottenham coach is he must then establish a trusted starting eleven. Another issue with Villas-Boas was that he was always changing starting elevens, especially with regards to his midfield, and as a result players were unable to get into a regular rhythm because they were not being played regularly. This will go a long way for Sherwood as he seeks to get the best out of this team.

Like all coaches, Sherwood will ultimately be judged by how much he is able to win in his time as the interim coach. While many names have come up and been rumored to be the next Tottenham coach, the realities are that Tottenham will not hire or appoint the coach they want to have running the team until the summer of 2014. That said, Sherwood has been told that he will have every chance to make the job his on a full-time basis. The best and only way to do that is by winning and winning a lot.

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