Luis Suarez Should Sign New Contract

By Jason Bardwell
Courtesy: Official Liverpool Facebook Page

This upcoming January will mark the third year since Luis Suarez first signed for Liverpool football club. At 24-years-old, Kenny Dalglish signed the Uruguayan for $37 million, which was a club record for a few hours until Andy Carroll signed for $57 million. Andy Carroll appeared less than 50 times for Liverpool, scoring a handful of goals before being loaned and then sold to West Ham last season–yet to start.

Meanwhile, Luis Suarez has rarely been out of the headlines for both good and bad aspects of his game in equal measure. To say it has been a bumpy road for both the player and the Liverpool fans would be an understatement. At more than one point, it was unsure as to if he would even start a game again for Liverpool. It certainly didn’t start all that well for him, scoring 15 goals in the first season and a half–44 games.  When the racist abuse incident with Patrice Evra happened it resulted in a reasonably expensive striker, who had not set the world alight yet, bringing negative attention on the famous club.

We all know what happened next. He was banned for a number of games and his return was another incident fueled game against Patrice Evra and Manchester United. I had my own opinion of the second incident, which I made clear at the time and I do not think Suarez did too much wrong in that return game. Part of the fall out from that season was the removal of Dalglish as manager and the installation of Brendan Rodgers.

One of his first bits of business was to get Suarez to sign a new contract and his performance on the pitch improved, with 23 goals in 33 league appearances until controversy raised its head again.

In April of 2013, the infamous biting incident happened and once again Suarez received negative press. A ban followed and a disillusioned Suarez made noises about maybe moving away from England. Arsenal came in with a cheeky bid for one penny over the ‘contract clause’ which didn’t exactly exist and proved to be a waste of time for Arsene Wenger.

On Sept. 25, Luis Suarez returned to the Liverpool team and has set a blazing trail since, with 11 league appearances and 17 goals so far. It is smart for Liverpool to tie him down to a long contract now, potentially making him the highest paid player at the club. This could come crashing down again, however, if Liverpool fail to qualify for Champions League or another incident like the previous happens again. Then no matter how good he is, I think some patience would be broken from the fans.

 Jason Bardwell is a Soccer writer for Rant Sports and The Sports Column. You can follow him on Twitter @PACityboy or on Facebook

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