FIFA Club World Cup: Can Raja Casablanca Pull Off Monumental Upset Over Bayern Munich?

By Jason Bardwell
Bayern Munich
Photo:Courtesy of Bayern Munich’s official Facebook page

‘Of all the finals in all the competitions in all of the world, you had to walk into mine!’ Okay so I doubt Bayern Munich boss Pep Guardiola will be shaking in his boots at the prospect of playing the host team, Raja Casablanca. It does, however, give us a little more interest in the Final of the FIFA Club World Cup and of course a whole bunch of silly quotes like the one I mentioned in the opening of this piece.

The European champions were expected to get through to the final and in fact are still favorites to win the competition at its conclusion on Saturday, but it will be the host country representatives and not Ronaldinho‘s side, Atletico Miniero. The host side are made up almost entirely of Moroccan nationals and will no doubt revel in the chance to face off against such a big club side in a no-lose situation. They are expected to lose heavily so anything other than that would be a fantastic result.

The last time the Germans visited Casablanca Humprhey Bogart had to work with the underground resistance in order to get Ingrid Bergman out, and the Germans came off second best. I am sure Saturday will see the Germans dominate the hosts and of course I cannot wait for the headlines Sunday morning in reference to the Bayern Munich captain: ‘Won it again, Lahm!’

Have no doubts that it will be just as tough for Faouzi Benzarti and his club captain Mouhcine Moutouali to repel this latest German threat as it was for Bogart and Bergman and so as Senor Ferrari said in the movie: ‘Might as well be frank, monsieur. It would take a miracle to get you out of Casablanca, and the Germans have outlawed miracles.’

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