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5 Reasons Why Luiz Suarez Deserved The Huge Pay Raise From Liverpool

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Luis Suarez's Huge Pay Raise: 5 Reasons Why He Deserved It

Pay Rise
Photo courtesy of Liverpool FC’s official Twitter page

Luis Suarez, Premier League’s hottest striker so far this season, has all but quashed any conjecture about his future at Liverpool by signing a contract extension through 2018. In the process he also became the club’s highest paid player by overtaking Steven Gerrard’s wages. Liverpool provided an early Christmas present to its fans by announcing the news on Twitter, and it comes at a perfect time with the club performing admirably in the League with two huge fixtures against Manchester City and Chelsea looming on the horizon.

With Daniel Sturridge out injured, Liverpool has been dependent on Suarez to take over the goal-scoring burden, and he hasn’t disappointed in the least bit. If he keeps scoring at the current rate, there is no doubt that he could be a strong contender for the next Ballon d’Or. Liverpool’s most recent game against Tottenham was arguably one of Suarez’s best displays this season as he ripped the Spurs’ defense apart with a brace while also creating scoring opportunities for his teammates. Brendon Rodgers was spot-on in giving Suarez the captain’s armband before the match, and the striker made it a night to cherish for his fans. Although the match would be remembered more for being Andre Villas Boas’ last at White Hart Lane, it holds much more significance for Rodgers' team as they emerge as serious title contenders. Suarez is slowly but surely becoming the player he ought to be, and if he could put an end to the dark and controversial side of his playing persona he could go a long way towards becoming another League legend in the making.

Here are five reasons why the striker thoroughly deserves the new contract and the chance to stay at Anfield for the foreseeable future.

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5. Continue Gerrard's Legacy

Photo courtesy of Luis Suarez’s official Facebook page

The name Liverpool has been synonymous with its captain Gerrard for quite a long time. With Gerrard nearing the end of his career, Suarez gets a perfect opportunity to continue the legacy and become forever etched in the hearts of the club's fans.

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4. Sensational Form

Photo courtesy of Liverpool FC’s official Facebook page

Suarez’s sensational form this season has set the League on fire. Although he missed his club’s first five games while serving a suspension, he has netted 19 times in the subsequent 12 games he has played and has the best goals to minute ratio in Europe. Consistent and clinical in almost every game, he doesn’t look like he is going to slow down anytime soon!

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3. Liverpool's League Exploits

Photo courtesy of Liverpool FC’s official Twitter page

Liverpool has emerged as a strong contender for the League title this season, and if they can sustain the current form they can surely finish in one of the Champions League spots at the very least. They desperately needed Suarez's commitment to the club to achieve this, and they have just gone out and gotten it. With no more distractions and speculations about the player’s future at the club, they can get back to focusing on playing great football again.

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2. Interest From Other Teams

Photo courtesy of Luis Suarez’s official Facebook page

There has been increasing interest from rival clubs across Europe to sign Suarez in the January transfer window as he is eligible to compete in the UCL, and Liverpool needed to ensure that their season does not derail if Suarez is tempted by another opportunity to move to a bigger club for faster glory. There have already been rumors of Real Madrid’s interest in taking the Uruguayan to the Bernebau. Liverpool have acted proactively to take this out of the equation.

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1. Suarez's Increasing Maturity

Photo courtesy of Liverpool FC’s official Facebook page

Suarez looks a different man this season. He seems to have put behind incidents like last season’s antics and public accusation of his manager during the summer and has managed to stay out of trouble so far. The supporters are firmly behind him again and would no doubt be ecstatic with the news of the contract extension.