FIFA Club World Cup Is a Joke

By Patrick Wynne
Photo Courtesy of Bayern Munich´s Official Facebook Page

Champions League winners Bayern Munich easily defeated Raja Casablanca to win the FIFA Club World Cup in Morocco. Bayern were never really tested and cruised to an easy victory over their lame opposition thanks to goals from Dante and Thiago Alcantara. The Club World Cup, which is played every year, pits the winners of all of the major club competitions of the world. This title is almost always won by the European side that is participating; only sometimes do the South American teams challenge them a little bit.

The level of football is almost always pathetic, unwatchable in my opinion. I believe that this competition, which is always played in random countries in order to make football global, should be played every two years. Sepp Blatter and his FIFA compadres use this competition as a means to make more money and would be unwilling to change the competitions format. If it were to be played every two years, you would have 10 teams instead of five, making the competition more attractive to fans and sponsors alike. Even Bayern’s coach, Pep Guardiola, and club captain Phillip Lahm looked very unexcited about winning the trophy as shown in the photo above.

Most European teams dread this competition because it eats into their holidays and in the case of English teams, causes severe headaches because the Premier League doesn’t have a Christmas break. Teams from other continents love the competition because it is a means to show off their players with the hope that they will be snapped up by a cash-happy European side.

Something has to be done in order to make this competition attractive for the fans; it is a real waste of time because we all know that the Champions League winner will nine times out of 10 lift the Club World Cup trophy. Champions League sides even field weaker teams in order to avoid injury; that is how little they care about this meaningless competition. Blatter should stop trying so desperately to make a buck and start doing his job which is to grow football’s appeal by making it as attractive as possible.

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