Is Lionel Messi Worth the Trouble He is Constantly Putting Barcelona Through?

By Patrick Wynne
Photo Courtesy of FC Barcelona´s Official Facebook Page

FC Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi has gotten himself involved in a huge power struggle against Barcelona’s board of directors. According to Barcelona’s board of directors and Catalan media he is asking for yet another contract renewal. He signed a new contract worth around 17 million euros per season just six months ago but seems to be unhappy that Real Madrid talisman Cristiano Ronaldo earns more than he does. He is obsessed with Ronaldo and with everyone constantly telling him he is the best in the world. He believes he is the best and should be paid the most. We know that Ronaldo is arrogant, but Messi acts like a spoiled brat.

The Barcelona board refers to him as the “little dictator” because he is constantly demanding more and more and never seems to be happy. Many believe that the problem is his father Horacio Messi who is under investigation for money laundering and was indicted for tax evasion just a few months ago. The money laundering scandal he is now involved in could probably get the Messi’s into huge trouble if found guilty. It is said that Messi’s foundation is used to launder Colombian drug money and that his charity matches are not charitable at all.

Barcelona’s financial director Javier Faus said this week that he was surprised that Messi would be asking for a bigger contract seeing as he has had one of his worst seasons in years, in part due to injuries. They are also surprised because they stood by their player when he was found guilty of tax evasion in Spain and had to pay up seven million in back taxes. Barcelona’s board is also worried because there is a general consensus that the diminutive striker is starting to believe he is bigger than the club. He controversially said yesterday that Faus knows nothing about football and because Barcelona is the best club in the world they deserve to have the best directors.

The petulant little one has been blamed for Pep Guardiola‘s exit because he was constantly trying to run the show. Many believe that the appointment of Barca’s coach Gerardo Martino (an Argentine from the same town as Messi) was all a big stunt in order to keep their main asset happy. I recognize he is an amazing player, but is he really worth all the trouble? In my opinion no one is bigger than any club; Messi will retire but Barcelona won’t. Put up or shut up little man and stop acting like a child.

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