Roy Williams Sounds Foolish, Bashing UNC's Soccer Program in Loss to Texas

By Phil Naegely
roy williams
Bob Donnan-USA Today Sports

After North Carolina Tar Heels‘ loss to Texas Wednesday, head coach Roy Williams made some rare, but idiotic comments. For some reason, his comments took until Saturday to be noticed. Understandably, Williams was visibly upset with his team post-game, but he lacked judgement in his comments towards North Carolina’s soccer program.

At one point in the press conference, Williams stated that “if his guys can’t rebound, and they couldn’t on Wednesday, then maybe they should try soccer. Tell [UNC women’s soccer coach] Anson [Dorrance] I’m not trying to rag on his sport,” Williams said, “But God almighty.”

These rude comments coming from Williams are unusual. Williams is one of classiest, candid NCAA coaches, but he wasn’t on Wednesday. His comments towards UNC soccer were uncalled for. If anything, the soccer program success is equal if not better than the basketball program. The UNC women’s soccer team have won 21 titles alone.

Despite saying he wasn’t trying to rag on the  program, his comments do just that. His comments make it look like he does not respect the soccer program and their men’s and women’s perennial success. If I was coach Williams, I would apologize to both soccer programs, and to the many UNC alums and donors. If the tweet below is any indication, many alums and donors are disapointed with Williams’ comments towards the soccer program.

In the end, this will most likely blow over, but Williams’ comments sheds a bad light on UNC Athletics. It shows that UNC coaches can bash other school athletic programs without punishment. It’s not the worst we’ve seen from the sports world, but it is something I would address if I was UNC’s athletic director.

Williams’ uneducated comments make him seem oblivious to UNC’s soccer programs’ success even though he has been to games in the past. I have some advice for Williams. Think before you speak and control your emotions, so that you don’t embarrass yourself and UNC Athletics again.

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