Time Will Tell If Emmanuel Adebayor Can Lead Tottenham Spurs To Success

How will Tim Sherwood do as Tottenham coach?

Photo Courtesy of the Official Tottenham Hotspur Facebook Page

After sacking manager Andre Villas-Boas last week, Tottenham Spurs put their trust in interim manager Tim Sherwood. On Sunday, the Spurs earned the result they desperately needed in a 3-2 win over Southampton, and Emmanuel Adebayor made his first start of the season and scored twice.

Adebayor’s performance has many wondering why AVB did not try to salvage his job and start Adebayor. At a quick glance, it looks like AVB wasn’t wise to sit Adebayor, however, we need to look at the bigger picture. Gareth Bale‘s departure left an offensive void that the Spurs haven’t been able to fill. However, Sherwood’s decision to start Adebayor might be the answer. Sunday’s three goal performance was the first time this season that the Spurs scored more than two goals. At the same time, can Adebayor keep this up?

While I don’t have a sound answer for that, AVB must have had a solid reason not to start Adebayor this year. Did he think Adebayor couldn’t be the team’s offensive leader, or was it for another reason? Nonetheless, I personally think current manager Sherwood will keep on starting the forward. After Sunday’s game, it seems like Adebayor is the Spurs’ answer to turning their season around.

At the same time, Adebayor needs to continue to play consistent, solid soccer, because Jerome Defoe is reportedly joining MLS side Toronto FC during the Winter transfer season. If Defoe heads to Canada, all pressure will be on Adebayor to produce.

After one game under Sherwood, it seems obvious that Adebayor is his go-to man. It is time for him to step up and prove his haters wrong, or else he could find himself back on the bench. Time will tell if Adebayor’s performance on Sunday was a fluke or something that will happen on a regular basis.

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