Serie A: It All Comes Down To Juventus vs. Roma

By Riccardo Di Julio
AS Roma
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Italian soccer might be currently living one of the most exciting seasons of Serie A in the last years. Given that the league has consistently been characterized by the dominance of only one team at a time, a surprising and magnificent Roma has made it worthwhile this year for millions of fans to follow the matches, despite the fact that it is still predominantly led by an almost-perfect Juventus.

The Giallorossi have had a stupendous start to the season in which they have tallied 41 points in 17 matches. This consists of 12 victories and five draws with no defeats. Moreover, they even beat a legendary record by winning the first 10 matches of the year, as no team in Serie A history had ever done it before.

On the other hand, the achievements of the Bianconeri have not been any less relevant. First, as said by blogger Antonio Corsa, they have said goodbye to 2013 by collecting 89 points in 36 league games, more than any other team ever since wins equal three points.

Second, ever since they’ve been managed by Antonio Conte, they have had an almost perfect journey in Serie A, literally destroying any dreams that other teams might have for the title. As suggested by the legendary manager Arrigo Sacchi, Italian soccer has hardly ever seen a team dominating as much as the Old Lady is doing right now. Perhaps only his own AC Milan and the Juventus teams of Marcello Lippi were superior.

Even more, the great results of both Roma and Juventus this season are demonstrated by the shutout records obtained by their two goalkeepers, Morgan De Sanctis and Gianluigi Buffon respectively, as they reached more than 700 minutes without conceding goals.

Without a doubt, both clubs have been the very best sides of Serie A so far in this season. Their performances have been of such high magnitude that they are both supported by different statistics that suggest their final league title.

While the dreams of Roma are supported by wins in their the first eight matches of the year, the victories of the Bianconeri are equally valid as they have reached Christmas break while being first in standings. They have won the league in 13 occasions out of 15 tries, as @2010MisterChip points out.

As they both closed the year with very convincing victories over Catania and Atalanta, both managers Rudi Garcia and Conte will spend the holidays trying to figure out what will be the best way to beat the other for the first game of 2014 at Juventus Stadium, which undoubtedly represents the best way to start the new year.

Of course, besides having the advantage of playing at home, Juventus will approach the game with a five-point difference over Roma in the standings. For this reason, even a defeat will not result in them losing the first spot. Instead, the Giallorossi will have the pressure of having to go to a very difficult pitch to get the three points. Losing to the Bianconeri could represent almost the end of a dream as they would fall behind in the standings by eight points.

Fortunately for impartial fans, the Juventus-Roma clash on Jan. 6 is set to be a historic clash, considering also that both stars Andrea Pirlo and Francesco Totti will be fully recovered from their recent injuries.

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