Tottenham: Tiny Tim Sherwood Given Christmas Gift

By Jason Bardwell
Image Courtesy of Tottenham’s Official Facebook Page

A week after Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy fired Andre Villas-Boas names from all over the world flew into the frame to take over at Spurs. I pointed out at the time that some of the names, Fabio Capello and Jurgen Klinsmann in particular, having sides going to the World Cup next summer would make it difficult.

Today it was a big surprise to me that caretaker manager Tim Sherwood was named as next Tottenham manager. After the announcement, though, it was not a surprise to see the length of the contract offered to Sherwood. If anyone for one second thinks that Tim Sherwood is not the interim manager then you need to take a good look at the length of his contract. 18 months is not a big contract really, and the only person it benefits is Daniel Levy.

Now you have to ask the question why Spurs rushed in to fire Villas-Boas in the first place. At the beginning of the season AVB was given the target of a Champions League spot and top four finish. When he was fired they were only five points behind the top four spots.

Since the departure of AVB they have found themselves eliminated from the Capital One Cup, and the target for the season has slipped they now only have to finish sixth. I have no doubts had they kept with the previous manager they would have finished sixth or better, and at that point they could have gotten rid of him.  With the 18-month contract Daniel Levy has given Sherwood just enough, but if he is there at the start of next season I would be surprised.

Hopefully whoever Tottenham have installed as manager for the beginning of the 2014-15 season will have better luck trying to get along with the Chairman, who should never have fired Harry Redknapp and has made nothing but mistakes since.

Jason Bardwell is a Soccer writer for Rant Sports and The Sports Column. You can follow him on Twitter @PACityboy or on Facebook.

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