Another Dismissal Leaves Chivas de Guadalajara In Flux

By Lucas Carreras
Chivas continues to operate under chaos
Photo Courtesy of the Official Chivas de Guadalajara Twitter Account

Recent times have not treated Chivas de Guadalajara fans well, as the team seemingly and essentially has delivered one disappointment after another throughout the 2013 calender year. The latest bit of disappointment came last week at the close of the Liga MX Clausura 2014 internal transfer window, which saw the team not sign any impact players in the midfield and defense in order to help the team better take on the task of avoiding falling into relegation trouble, which looms over the club right now.

On Monday, the club made another announcement which did nothing to change the belief that things with Chivas are still one giant, hot mess, as Sporting President Dennis Te Kloese resigned from his position, having lasted one day short of being in charge for a full calender year. Te Kloese is the latest in the long line of individuals whom have occupied said position or, that of Technical Director, to leave the club, going all the way back to when one Nestor De La Torre held the position.

Whether or not Te Kloese did a good job is not the topic of question in this case, because the results on the field would say differently to go along with the fact that three coaches were in charge during his 364 day tenure. The issue here is that, once again, Chivas continues to see itself and operate under a state of chaos at a time when the club needs stability from the top down in order to avoid falling deeper into the trappings of the relegation zone.

What Te Kloese brought to the club was someone who was competent at his job, was well respected, and at least served as a focal point for stability amongst all the chaos that owner Jorge Vergara has allowed to fester and infect the club, especially as it relates to the first division team. With Te Kloese now no longer in charge, one would assume that Francisco Palencia will take over Te Kloese’s duties, especially given that he is already the technical/sporting director, but given the fact that it’s his first major job of said importance, who knows if he is properly cut out to handle the task.

Chivas needs stability at this moment in time, in what is clearly the most difficult and hopeless time in the long, rich history of the club. Yet it appears that said stability is something that will continue to elude the club, given that another sporting president has bitten the dust, as Vergara appears to have once again eaten alive another competent individual who can serve as the necessary buffer between owner and futbol operations.

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