Hull City's Tom Huddlestone Celebrates Goal In An Unusual Way

By Phil Naegely
hull city
Photo courtesy of Hull City’s Facebook Page

When a player scores, fans are always curious to see how those players will celebrate. Some players plan their celebrations ahead of time, while others improvise. On Saturday, Hull City‘s Tom Huddlestone celebrated like no other player. When he scored his goal to put Hull City up 4-0, Huddlestone ran to the sideline and one of his coaches cut off part of his hair.

Apparently this celebration has been planned for a while now. Last season, the Hull City player made a promise not to cut his hair until he scored a goal. After not scoring since 2011, Huddlestone’s hair is finally coming off. Personally, I get annoyed by my hair when it starts to cover my ears, and I can only imagine how long and thick Huddlestone’s hair really is.

Nonethless, Huddlestone’s celebration was definitely unique. Likewise, it is something that many soccer analysts and fans will be talking about for the days to come. For Huddlestone, it is something he can tell his kids and grandchildren some day.

Overall, Huddlestone’s goal and goal celebration was one of the many positives on Saturday. As a team, Hull City dominated and destroyed Fulham 6-0. It was a one-sided performance, and Huddlestone’s contributed to the dominating performance.

For Huddlestone, he can celebrate knowing that his goal drought is over and he can finally cut his hair. Kudos to him for keeping his promise and not cutting his hair until he produced a goal. In the end, his goal drought ended with one of the most unique and memorable goal celebrations I have seen.

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