Owner Vincent Tan, Cardiff City's Biggest Problem

By Phil Naegely
Cardiff City Stadium
Image via Garethbaker1927 – Wiki Commons

It has been a very busy week for those following some conflict with Cardiff City personnel, but it has been going on longer than this week. Behind all of the issues and drama with Cardiff, has been owner Vincent Tan. After threatening to fire and then dropping  those threats over Malky Mackay‘s job, the manager was wrongly fired on Friday. On Saturday, Cardiff took on Sunderland and tied 2-2 after going up 2-0. Tan is an interesting character and he is the biggest problem Cardiff has.

Earlier this year, Tan had a somewhat okay idea to change Cardiff’s colors from blue to red. However, the decision looks really stupid especially with blue seats still remaining in the stadium. Color change is not a big issue, but Tan has reportedly disliked Mackay for many reasons. One of the reported issues was that Tan disliked Mackay asking for more transfer money to use in the upcoming transfer window.

I have some news for Tan. If you want to improve and remain in the English Premier League and avoid relegation, you need to be able to spend money on quality talent. Tan is foolish and stupid if he things Cardiff can be competitive without allowing his manager a fair amount of money to sign new talent.

Now let’s move to Saturday’s game against Sunderland. NBC’s camera gave a healthy dose of Tan’s face and actions live during the broadcast. When Cardiff scored early on, Tan was seen giving a thumbs up, while the fans chanted that the goal was for Malky, the former head coach. Giving a thumbs up is nothing horrible, but the way Tan did it make it seem self-centered.

To me, it looked like he was saying that goal happened because of me. Well Mr. Tan, I have some news for you. You had very little to do with that goal. The players were playing for their former manager and the fans were definitely not cheering for Tan.

At the end of the game, Cardiff blew a two goal lead and Tan was the center of attention yet again. This time he was booing. Whether it was aimed towards the players or the fans shouldn’t matter. As an owner, you should be shedding a positive light on your club. Booing publicly the players and/or supporters is doing the exact opposite.

Tan’s actions Saturday just add to the growing list of stupid things he has done. While Cardiff comes away with one point, Tan should be ashamed with how he acted. If Tan doesn’t change his attitude, actions, and decision-making, Cardiff’s success with become stagnant.

The biggest problem with Cardiff is not the fans, players, supporters, or former coach, but rather Tan himself.

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