Vincent Tan Joins In With The Boo Boys

By Jason Bardwell
Cardiff City Stadium
Image via Garethbaker1927 – Wiki Commons

Well, I almost got through the day without talking about Vincent Tan and instead concentrated on the incident which happened in the changing rooms at halftime, with the Sunderland player Fabio Borini collapsing and being rushed to hospital. Cardiff had started off very well and went in at halftime a goal up, and when the game restarted, it wasn’t too long before Cardiff was up 2-0 and everything looked rosy.

Then, in the last 10  minutes of normal time, including the five minutes of stoppage time, Sunderland brought themselves back into the game with a goal from Stephen Fletcher, reducing the deficit before another substitute, Jack Colback, scored the equalizer. When the full time whistle went, the boos rang out across the Cardiff City Stadium. Before the game started, the fans were angry about the sacking of Malky Mackay right before a very important game, and so maybe the boo’s should have been expected.

Cameras instantly turned to the owner, who was seen to also be booing. Social media outlets were alive with comments that Tan was booing his team, which is possible, but I have another possibility of what it could have been, and only he will know if I am right. I think he was actually booing the fans who were booing, and my reason for this theory is as follows.

All throughout the game, even when Cardiff went one and then two goals up, the crowd would still sporadically burst out with chants of the recently removed boss. Although the chants were not negative towards the owner, they were in favor of the man he publicly fought with, and so, could be construed as anti-Tan. I think the smile he gave after he booed and was turning to walk into the hospitality lounge is the tipping point for my thinking about who he was booing. Had it been the referee for too much stoppage time, then he would have been angry and not smiling. Likewise for his team, I think he wouldn’t have smiled at the end. Only the fact that he sat through fans chanting an ex-manager’s name and not bowing to his promise of money would make sense as to why he could afford a chuckle after such a capitulation from his side.

Jason Bardwell is a Soccer writer for RantSports. You can follow him on Twitter @PACityboy or on Facebook.

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