Premiership Midseason Review: Liverpool

By Jason Bardwell
Courtesy: Official Liverpool Facebook

At the beginning of the season, I had written down my Premier League predictions. Now with 19 games played, let’s look at Liverpool and see how they’ve done. Here is what I said during the preseason:

If Suarez does go, then I think you will find Liverpool struggling even more than this. The good ship hasn’t been sailing right for a while now and with (Jamie) Carragher retiring, I think you may see more movement in that manager’s office before Christmas.

I had them finishing seventh in the Premier League, and I think I will still stand by that. Although they played well against Manchester City and Chelsea over the Christmas period, they do not really have anyone to carry the load if you take Suarez out of the mix. Sure, Steven Gerrard is capable when he is fit, but other top teams see goals coming from all over the park.

They were in top spot on Christmas Day, and are in fifth a few days later. That is not a bad reflection on them, but they certainly are not title contenders and possibly not even top four with Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal. Even Everton and Manchester United may be ahead of them.

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