Premiership Midseason Review: West Brom

By Jason Bardwell
Courtesy: West Brom Official Facebook Page

At the beginning of the season, I had written down my Premier League predictions. Now with 19 games played, let’s look at West Brom and see how they’ve done. I had a feeling that the side was going to struggle. Here’s what I wrote about them in the preseason:

[There will be] a slight backward step for West Brom this season. Nicolas Anelka is experienced but not the permanent answer for West Brom.

They’re currently 15th in the league, while I actually have them finishing just a single place higher at 14th come season’s end. A lot will depend on how quickly the board finds a new a manager and what happens to Anelka after his goal celebration in the last game.

Talk of a potential five-game ban would see Anelka miss all of January and return for the visit of one of his numerous former clubs, Liverpool. My prediction for this particular situation is he will be banned for the five games, sulk as usual and promptly retire from football. Where that leaves West Brom is anyone’s guess, but he has always been good for two things during his career: goals and disruptions. This time around, with only two goals, it seems that the former has left his game.

It might serve West Brom well if he was away from the club as they will need everyone pulling in the same direction if they are to keep themselves out of trouble.

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