English Premiere League: January Will Be Interesting, Thrilling

By Phil Naegely
Demba Ba
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

As the new year is set to get under way, January will be an interesting and thrilling month. In addition, the transfer begins at the strike of midnight and before we know it, the first transfer deal will be announced. With a tight table from top to bottom in the standings, January will allow for some separation among teams.

Being about halfway through the season, the 2013-2014 EPL season has offered many surprises and some expected results. January could be much of the same. However, teams looking to improve will finally be able to. Additionally, some teams will in fact improve and others will not be able to sign their dream transfer players. As a result, the point gap between teams will increase and create more do or die moments.

With January and the new year arriving already across the pond and approaching fast in the United States, one of the most interesting months of English Premiere League soccer is about to begin. Teams will start climbing the standings for good, others will crash and fans will be on the edge of their seats waiting for transfer news. Many fans will be disappointed that their team didn’t fill a needed position with a star player, but others will be pleased by their team’s actions.

Take a seat soccer fans and don’t forget to buckle up. If you forget to sit down, a surprising transfer move or score result might force you into shock and be out for the count. Overall, January will be a very interesting and thrilling month and you don’t want to miss a beat. Make sure to check back often at Rant Sports for the last transfer rumors and confirmed deals.

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