Ex-Manchester City, FA Chairman David Bernstein Deserving of New Years Honors

By Jason Bardwell
Courtesy: England FA Official Facebook Page

A typically British part of the New Year is the “New Years Honors” in which new members of the orders of chivalry are named. The awards are presented in the name of or by Queen Elizabeth and can span a range of people from general public through to the biggest celebrity from a whole range of backgrounds.

David Beckham, who already has an OBE, was overlooked for a knighthood and the same went for Tennis star Andy Murray.

For me personally, it was great to see the ex-Manchester City and England FA Chairman, David Bernstein, finally get recognized for his services to soccer.

Bernstein was long a supporter of Manchester City before taking over from Francis Lee as Chairman. The side were a shadow of the one that dominated the English League in the 1960s and 1970s and certainly far from dreaming of the team they have now.

He managed the financial aspect of the club as the fell to the third tier of English football before coming straight back up and flipping between the Premier League and Championship. I think most City supporters credit him with what it has now become, as if he hadn’t done what he had in the late 1990s, then surely the money would not have come in a decade later.

He left City in 2003 with a new stadium and the club have been Premier League ever since. He left us having negotiated the move to the stadium, an academy, new training facility and a big-name manager in Kevin Keegan. Bernstein himself would reemerge in the high profile football world as FA Chairman in 2011, just as City won their first trophy for multiple decades.

Before his time at the FA, he helped get the Wembley Stadium budget back on track by refinancing the loans taken out. His time at the FA was short, though, as he was required to step down at age 70, which he reached in May 2013.

Jason Bardwell is a Soccer writer for Rant Sport. You can follow him on Twitter @PACityboy or on www.facebook.com/jasonbardwell1979.

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