Premier League: Frustrating Manchester City Win Away

By Jason Bardwell
Courtesy: Manchester City Facebook Page

I have come to the conclusion with Manchester City that it doesn’t matter how much money they have to spend on players or what quality of player they have in each position; they will always keep their fans nervous.

Before the money came it was the case in the Second Division playoff Final, 2-0 down with minutes to go only to bring it back. It was the same two seasons ago with a similar scenario for the Premier League. Back in the mid 1990s City needed a win away to Liverpool to stay up and instantly went 2-0 down before fighting back to 2-2. At the time it was a great result, but not good enough. Millions of dollars have been spent and there are still City fans with higher than average blood pressures and shorter than average nails!

If I was to write a review of the game away to Swansea today — depending on which time during the game you wanted my opinion — it could have been different. After 15 minutes I would have said that Manchester City was a goal up and would score more, and after 30 minutes it may not be as confident in the scoring more part. At halftime I would have told you not to talk to me for a while as Swansea clawed their way back on level terms. We can debate the validity of the call, but it was ruled a goal and so it stood.

Fifteen minutes into the second half you could talk to me again as Yaya Toure had restored the lead for the visitors. Had I been asked then my hope would have been to remove Aleksander Kolarov as he was making bad choices in the final third. I would also tell you that 2-1 would be enough and to lock it down with Javi Garcia on for one of the strikers.

75 minutes in and Kolarov is a legend. He scored the third and Alvaro Negredo had been replaced by Javi Garcia as City was 3-1 up and dominant. Then came the 90th minute when Wifried Bony scored his second goal of the game, and what a second ago was a comfortable win now becomes a nervous last two minutes of stoppage time. Fans’ nails get shorter and blood pressures raise.

Then the whistle blows to give City three points and top of the League. All is forgiven until the next game like this.

Jason Bardwell is a Soccer writer for Rant Sport. You can follow him on Twitter @PACityboy or on

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