Will AC Milan's Problems Be Solved With Massimiliano Allegri's Goodbye?

By Riccardo Di Julio
Massimiliano Allegri
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Massimiliano Allegri is a magnificent manager who is always able to put a strong group together for AC Milan, despite the fact that every year the club provides him a weaker roster.” For such a criticized figure, this quote might represent an authentic surprise for the soccer world, especially considering that it comes from one of the most successful managers in history, former World Cup winner Marcello Lippi.

In reality, for Rossoneri fans and the common opinion as a whole, it could be very hard to agree with Lippi in this occasion, given that it is very challenging not to attribute some degree of responsibility to the 46 year old regarding the numerous problems Milan has been facing in past years.

Sure, he is a great coach who demonstrated his deep soccer knowledge, both at Cagliari and at his first year at Milan, where he even won the Serie A title. However, it is also true that he showed significant struggles under the aspect of managing a locker room mostly comprised of big names, like the one that Rossoneri had up until two years ago.

As a matter of fact, it cannot be a simple coincidence that many legendary figures ended up leaving the club on bad terms with the coaching staff. Furthermore, it is only enough to realize that some of these names are Andrea PirloGennaro GattusoMassimo Ambrosini and Clarence Seedorf to understand the magnitude of the situation.

Taking into consideration that the Milan of today is basically an orphan of such figures, it comes to mind that Allegri might just be the most responsible of this. Certainly, the lack of economic resources also makes it hard for the club to buy the so-called top-players that are very much needed for such a prestigious team. Nonetheless, not even this represents a valid excuse for not having certain “flags” anymore.

With all this been said, it is also true that many of Milan’s struggles also come from the corporate side of the club, as they are issues that cannot simply be solved by changing managers, as they are to be found in the basis of the club’s system. Time will determine whether the presence of the new CEO Barbara Berlusconi will be beneficial or not.

For this reason, it is not granted that Allegri’s goodbye will solve Milan’s problems, especially if his replacement will be, as strongly assured by the media, Seedorf, who hasn’t even started his managerial career yet. For the club, assigning the job to the 37 year old under a gratitude basis can be very intriguing and lead to a very uncertain future.

After all, the real issue for fans and executives is not as much getting rid of Allegri as it is actually choosing an appropriate substitute for the future. Until figuring this out, perhaps getting rid of him might not be the best solution.

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