2014 World Cup: The Fans Are Ready, But Are The Stadiums?

By Phil Naegely
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Since World Cup Qualifying ended and the 2014 World Cup draw occurred and passed, soccer fans are now looking forward to June of 2014. However, host nation Brazil is hoping that the time between now and June doesn’t come soon. According to Sports Illustrated, only 6-of-12 stadiums are completed. Of the six not finished, one is basically complete, but the stadium’s official inauguration is not until Jan. 20. This is bad news for both FIFA and the South American country.

These stadiums were all supposed to be completed by December, however, it is clear that Brazil missed this deadline by a mile. The reason for this six month deadline is so test matches can be played in them. The only reason six of the stadiums are complete is because the 2013 Confederations Cup took place in them.

One of the many reasons six stadiums are unfinished is because of accidents that have occurred. Overall, three workers have died in two separate. In the latter incident in San Paolo, a crane collapse killed two while lifting the roof onto the stadium. This particular stadium won’t reportedly be complete in April. The other four will be done anywhere between January and April, based on their specific issues at hand.

Nonetheless, these stadium delays are bad news for Brazil. It is very possible that another issue could come up, and it is very clear that Brazil has little room for error at this point. If another accident occurs, workers strike, or another issue appears, these stadiums might not get done until May or not at all. In the latter case, that would cause a nightmare.

Overall, these stadiums needed to be completed yesterday, but that is not the case. Brazil and FIFA needs to shift into overdrive and make sure no more issues arise. The stadium issues have caused enough issues, and could turn into FIFA’s worse nightmare if these last stadiums are not done on time.

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Fatal Soccer Stadium Collapse In Brazil Puts Focus Back On 2014 World Cup Stadium Construction Progress

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