Manchester United Needs Wayne Rooney to Sign New Contract as Soon as Possible

By Juan Pablo Aravena
Image via @FA on Twitter

Manchester United icon Wayne Rooney is in talks with team management to extend his contract, but unfortunately for the fans, no agreement has been reached yet.

According to reports from the British press, the striker has all the negotiations on hold and he could even wait until the end of the season to analyze his future and where the team is going. That’s a luxury Manchester United can’t afford to have and they should try to lock him up as soon as possible.

Rooney is undoubtedly the face of the team right now and he is not only their most dangerous player, but he is also a leader both on and off the pitch. No players can show his absence better than Rooney and The Red Devils are clearly a different team when the England international is not playing, so his loss would be devastating for the future of the club.

Rooney already threatened with leaving a few years ago, but ended up renewing his deal and he also said he wanted to part ways with the team at the beginning of the season, but he is still there. If the team fails to perform during the rest of season, Rooney might end up leaving to pursue bigger challenges elsewhere, though, management should try to avoid that as much as they can.

Whether that means giving him an even bigger contract, extending him for more years or even put some clauses to ensure he remains being the top player on the squad, Manchester United needs to make Rooney happy when offering him a new deal. No other player could replace what he brings to the table if he ends up leaving.

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