Ole Gunnar Solskjaer Becoming Cardiff City Boss Is Worrisome

By Jason Bardwell
Courtesy: Cardiff Facebook Page

Early on New Year’s Day Manchester City traveled to Wales where they took on a struggling Swansea side. Swansea are toward the bottom of the table now despite playing some quite attractive football. One reason for this I think is going down to the Europa League, the price of their success last year. The extra games from the competition and then the usual hectic festive schedule mean the injury list is growing with Michu being the biggest loss.

Half an hour after Swansea lost 3-2 another struggling Welsh side took the field at the Emirates stadium. Unlike Swansea, though, it seems all of Cardiff City‘s woes are of their own making. Despite the millions put into the club by owner Vincent Tan the fans are still not happy, and you really cannot blame them.

This season is their first in the Premiership ever and the first in top flight football since before four young lads left Liverpool to dominate the music world. It should be a time for the fans to be enjoying but in fact the majority are far from happy.

It all started when it was decided to change the traditional colors of blue to red. Some fans still refuse to embrace the change and in fact still turn up to home games with the blue scarves and older tops. Earlier this year things deteriorated more when the then manager Malky Mackay had his head of recruitment fired and a 23 year old ‘son of a friend’ was installed in his place. A week ago the manager himself was finally relieved of his duties after the much publicized deterioration.

Fast forward to this past Wednesday and the one lone target to take over the Cardiff City hot seat was at the Emirates to look over what would be his new side. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was sat next to Tan who, after telling Mackay there wasn’t a penny to spend, has now issued an ‘unlimited funds’ statement for the new man.

For Solskjaer, though, I worry. Now he has taken the role then it will be a big job early in his career, and a wrong move this early can break a promising career. Cardiff — from the outside at least — seems like a volatile place to work right now. As a result I think the game against Arsenal pretty much laid out the manager’s path at Cardiff; you may keep your head above water for a long period of time, but ultimately you will be beaten.

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