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10 Reasons Why David Moyes Is The Wrong Man To Lead Manchester United

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10 Reasons Why David Moyes Is Wrong Man To Lead Manchester United

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Pathetic, lame, boring, horrifying and disgusting are all adequate ways of describing Manchester United's maiden season under David Moyes' tutelage. I should by now be tired of screaming at the top of my lungs that this pathetic excuse of a football manager who never achieved anything at Everton is today completely destroying the team I love. He is clearly inadequate and should be removed before it is too late.

I can't for the life of me understand how someone could possibly manage to mess it up so badly. Sir Alex Ferguson left him the Premier League champion squad, and he is otherwise incapable of picking a decent starting eleven. Not only is it the exact same squad, but he added a huge curly haired flop by the name of Marouane Fellaini and promoted Adnan Januzaj from the reserve squad. I will further bash Moyes for taking full credit for playing Januzaj when he did not purchase him; it was Ferguson he can thank for that. He is also taking credit for Nick Powell's brilliant loan season at Wigan by stating that he will give the youngster a chance.

Even after the worst transfer market in decades when every major target including Gareth Bale, Cesc Fabregas, Thiago Alcantara, Robert Lewandowski and Fabio Coentrao all said no to United because of Moyes, he is given more money in the winter to bolster his squad. Moyes is looking to strengthen the squad by adding an injured Leighton Baines for well over 20 million pounds, which is complete madness; United doesn’t need him or want him for that matter. Now fans wait and see if throwing money at the problem is what works for Moyes.

Never before has a man been as lucky as David Moyes; he is the most overrated manager in the world, he does not have a clue about what he is doing and he is the boss of the world’s most popular team. Not bad for a man who has yet to win an important trophy in his career. Even when he was given this golden opportunity he has done his best to muck it up in every way possible. David Moyes you have been given a second chance; make it count and for god's sake -- stop messing around.

Here are the ten reasons why I believe Moyes is the wrong man to lead United and he should be kicked to the curb as soon as possible before it is too late.

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10. Keeping Wilfried Zaha on the Bench

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Wilfried Zaha's debut Manchester United season has been frustratingly slow to say the least. His confused first-year manager, David Moyes, has opted to keep him on the bench despite an encouraging preseason and a lackluster start to the season by his teammates. The last player to be signed by Ferguson, who knows a thing or two about signings, should be given his chance.

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9. He Still Thinks He Is at Everton

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Moyes still believes he is coaching bottom feeders Everton and plays important matches with fear by fielding defensive teams whilst hoping for a lucky draw. This is United where only victories are allowed; please someone explain this to Moyes as soon as possible.

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8. A Training Regimen That Does Not Keep His Players Fresh

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Moyes completely destroyed the team's training regimen under Ferguson, and his players are constantly getting injured because of it. The players are not fresh and are over trained, and this is why they look so slow on the pitch and are constantly visiting the team doctor.

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7. He Has Never Won Anything

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How can you trust one of the world's biggest teams to a man who has never won an important trophy and never even led Everton into the Champions League? Truly unbelievable.

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6. Old and Outdated Tactics

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He continues to play defensive and boring football, reminiscent of his Everton days. He needs to compete and win games at home; you will never be Premier League champions if you can’t win at home. Moyes has already lost four times at home this season.

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5. Poor Staff

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His first big mistake as United manager was to fire Ferguson's supporting cast who served the team brilliantly. He has brought in his coaching staff that is clearly inadequate and shouldn’t even coach at Everton let alone United.

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4. Not Using the Players He Has at His Disposal

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Moyes inherited a pretty decent squad with players such as Shinji Kagawa, Wilfried Zaha and Nick Powell, all of whom are yet to be used by Moyes. Maybe the outcome would be different if he would use some of these players.

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3. Failure to Tie Down Wayne Rooney

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If the team fails to make next year's Champions League, Wayne Rooney will not sign a contract extension and will walk away from United. This would prove to be a costly blow as the team would be losing its best player since Cristiano Ronaldo.

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2. Lack of Pulling Power

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Moyes has been incapable of attracting talent to the team, and every single high profile player he targets turns him down. As he keeps destroying the team, look for this trend to continue especially in the winter transfer window as no player would risk his World Cup spot to play for Moyes. Koke, Reus and Mata are all set to deny United in January. Only Fellaini (pictured above) joined the sinking ship in the summer.

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1. He's Damaging United's Image

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As of today he has United out of next year's Champions League. The terrible season has already cost the club around 220 million pounds and forced plenty of supporters to think twice before spending their hard earned money to watch a terrible team play. If they fail to make the Champions League, United will lose out on prize money and sponsorship deals that will put the team back years.