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5 Hopes For Italian Soccer In 2014

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Five Main Hopes For Italian Soccer in 2014

Picture provided by the FIGC official Facebook page

In the year of the World Cup, Italian soccer could potentially arise from several struggles gone through in recent years, especially at a club level. For Serie A, in fact, it might be finally time to gain recover its level both in domestic and international fields, which has continuously decreased in the last decade, despite both AC Milan and Inter have been able to actually win the Champions League, in 2007 and 2010, respectively.

Even more, as the performances of Italian clubs in European competitions have been significantly poor in the last years, even the memorable Champions League final of 2003 between Milan and Juventus, won by the Rossoneri in penalty kicks, seems now light years from current Italian soccer situation, despite that it was only 11 years ago.

Moreover, the historic journey of that Champions League edition, in which Inter also reached the semifinals and was only stopped by Milan, could be considered the very last representation of Italian dominance in the soccer world, considering that every single success that came after that was a result from a great sense of self-improvement and leadership by the respective players and coach of each winning side, but was never really a manifestation of supremacy.

Even the 2006 World Cup triumph, which was absolutely deserved by the Azzurri, came from a magnificent set of human qualities provided by boss Marcello Lippi and the leaders of the team. The final victory could mostly be attributed on how well the group was able to be united and fight against every single obstacle, both on and off the field. However, it was a success that came along the road almost unexpectedly, and was never really a product from a clear domination in the soccer world as a whole.

Without further ado, here are the five main hopes for Italian soccer to accomplish in order to finally rise again in 2014.

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Reduce The High Amount Of Foreign Players

Picture provided by Inter official Facebook page

Despite the fact that Italian players have always found a way to become main stars in historic successes of the past, clubs continuously keep buying numerous foreign players, who, for the most part, are unnecessary, especially considering that they are way considerably expensive.

As a consequence of this, today there is an excessive amount of foreign players in Serie A, who make up for more than 50 percent of the players; precisely 308 out of the 573 professional that have played at least one game into the current season.

For the sake of Serie A, foreign players are more than welcome, but only the great ones that would significantly increase the level of the league. Instead, the rest pretty much isn't.

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Take Europa League Seriously

Europa League
Picture provided by the UEFA official website

Not taking this competition seriously is what mostly cost Italy to lose one spot to Germany in the Uefa coefficients, considering how well German teams actually do. This year, however, with four strong teams competing in the Europa League, Italian soccer has great chance to use the competition in order achieve international prestige again.

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The Revival Of The Great Defensive Tradition

Picture provided by the FIGC official Facebook page

If there is one true thing about today's Italian soccer, it is precisely the fact that its great defensive tradition has significantly decreased. Every single memorable page in Italian history has always been characterized by magnificent performances in the back line, with absolute stars like Paolo Maldini, Franco Baresi, Gaetano Scirea and many more.

For sure, in order to rise again, Italian teams have to find that very same sense of leadership in the back. After all, defending is an art that not everyone knows how to interpret.

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Overcome Controversial Scandals

Picture provided by Luciano Moggi official Twitter page

Match-fixing, territorial discrimination, racism and even doping accusations: it cannot be denied that all these are actual components of the soccer world. Moreover, it is in Italy where such scandals consistently continue to explode more than in any other country. For sure, regardless of the actual results in the field, for the good of the system, the hope is for the culture to change and to finally get rid of whoever breaks the law, permanently.

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Achieve The Fifth Star

World Cup
Picture provided by Fabio Cannavaro official Twitter page

In the year of the World Cup, the main dream cannot be other than winning the most desired trophy of all. Especially for such a glorious nation, it is an obligation to approach the tournament with the highest motivation to win, even if the Azzurri will not start it as the main favorites.

For sure, winning the fifth star will be the final proclamation for a country that, despite the numerous victories, is consistently criticized by the common opinion.