Bayern Munich Signs Robert Lewandowski to 5-Year Deal; Set Up for Future Dominance

By Phil Naegely
Robert Lewandowski
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On Saturday, it was announced that this summer Borussia Dortmund‘s Robert Lewandowski is joining Bayern Munich on a five-year free transfer deal. This move has been expected since last Summer and kept Bayern as Bundesliga favorites for years to come.

While some Bundesliga teams have long-term player development plans, Bayern is focused on signing high quality players who can be contenders immediately. Lewandowski’s signing is an indication of this. As a result, Bayern adds another top player to their squad and will continue their dominance next year in league play.

Not only will they be atop the Bundesliga in 2014, this move solidifies their excellence in the Champions League. In 2013, Bayern won both the Treble and two additionally titles. Bayern’s chances of winning the Treble again are great with this Lewandowski signings.

Some people think that Bayern paid too much for Lewandowski at €11 million per season is too much. However, when one of the best club teams in the world, they can afford to spend money. The season salary made sense to Bayern, and it won’t be that much of a hit to their pockets either.

Bayern’s past season was very successful. In signing Lewandowski, they are guaranteed to continue to be successful. If you were hoping for a competitive Bundesliga in 2014 and beyond, however, that will not happen. With Saturday’s signing, Bayern is set for perennial Bundesliga dominance, and that should last until at least 2019.

Overall, a solid Bayern squad just got better. Likewise, Lewandowski’s jump from Dortmund to Bayern seems to be a recent and continuing trend amongst Bundesliga players, which further shows Bayern’s Bundesliga and European dominance. Let this sink in soccer fans. Bayern gets one of the best midfielders in the world without having to pay a transfer fee.

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