Manchester United Crashes Out of FA Cup, Season is Quickly Spiraling Downward

By Phil Naegely
Man Utd manager
Image via @ManUtd on Twitter

Well, it is clear that the 2013-14 EPL season is not going Manchester United‘s way. In David Moyes‘ first year in charge, United’s flaws have been clearly shown in action. On Sunday, United gave up a last-minute equalizer to Swansea City and crashed out of the FA Cup third round, showing exactly what is wrong with United’s tactics and game play.

Earlier this week, Manchester lost to Tottenham Spurs in EPL action, and their home woes continued Saturday. Good teams win their home games, or at least settle for a tie. However, United’s home problems are occurring because of uninspired play and a lack of forward play. Moyes seems to be afraid of playing an aggressive style of play, and it is costing United points and embarrassing them in front of their home fans.

Additionally, Moyes needs to adjust and adapt United’s tactics mid-game. Sunday, United was playing down a man and they were down a goal twice in the game. In the latter situation, Old Trafford‘s United fans were yelling for their team to push for the equalizer. However, Swansea almost found another goal instead of Manchester sending their forwards aggressively up the wings.

The fans deserve better play from United. Without Wayne Rooney and Robin van Persie, Moyes’ squad looks dismal, and does not look like a quality side when they do play. Most of the responsibility lies on his inability to adapt and adjust. He would rather play the same ineffective tactics that sit back rather than aggressively look to find the net.

Overall, United is playing some of their worst soccer ever. If they have any chance of salvaging their season, they need to stop playing uninspired and making stupid tackles that lead to red cards. In the past, United was a top four EPL team, but they are long from that today. If things don’t change soon, Moyes could be packing his bags and leaving Old Trafford in the near future.

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