David Moyes' Boys Suffer Yet Another Defeat To Start The Calendar Year

By Patrick Wynne
Photo Courtesy of Manchester United´s Official Facebook Page

Manchester United suffered their third straight defeat against Sunderland and have started this calendar year with three loses in three matches; the other two matches were a home defeat against Tottenham and an FA Cup elimination at the hands of Michael Laudrup‘s Swansea City. Manchester United had never lost three straight games to begin a year, and are quickly becoming the Premier League‘s laughing stock.

The problem is evident and as clear as water, David Moyes needs to go. I respectfully acknowledge that he has tried very hard and that he is probably a very nice person, but he has proven that he is way in over his head. The solution is simple, when something doesn’t work and proves it week in and week out, it should be removed. We don’t have to make a big fuss about it or keep him because he signed a six-year contract. That contract demands that he win games, and he is not keeping his part of the bargain.

Before Moyes manages to have United miss out on next year’s Champions League, he should be removed and his coaching staff should follow him. Sir Alex Ferguson was a great manager, but he never did it alone, he always had a great supporting cast that helped him out. One of his assistants was Carlos Queiroz, who even coached Real Madrid. He would be my candidate in case the Glazers had the guts to fire Moyes.

If Moyes is still there, United will continue to lose and suffer. He can’t get his players motivated enough and he certainly is incapable of running the world’s most popular team. “Moyes out!” is the cry that every true Manchester United fan is screaming, and I think the Glazers will soon listen.

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