Gaston Fernandez Will Be a Key Player for Portland Timbers

By Juan Pablo Aravena
Portland Timbers
Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

The Portland Timbers have announced the signing for Argentinean forward Gastón Fernández, and his arrival could end up being key for the franchise this upcoming season.

The former Argentina international – who last played with Estudiantes LP – has always been regarded as one of the top players in his country, but several injuries and personal setbacks haven’t allowed him to reach the ceiling many expected he possessed. However, his arrival to the MLS will give him a new chance to finally become a key player for his team.

And La Gata should be able to rise up to the challenge as he has enough skill to thrive in almost any league.

While it’s no secret that the MLS has taken huge steps towards being a top league in the continent, they are still years away from having a similar competition to the one that features in Argentina, one of the top leagues in South America. Argentina exports several players to Europe every single year, and Fernandez has always had the quality to play in a top competition based on his pace, flair and skill.

Fernández is an attacking forward that has a knack for scoring big goals, and he always appears when his team needs him the most. He can be employed on a wider role, behind a lone striker, as a support forward and even as a striker outside the box as his speed and flair could be a nightmare matchup for defenders.

His presence in the MLS will surely create some buzz, and the Argentinean press could even start to get more attention to the competition. The happier fans are the Portland Timbers’ ones as they will receive a top player for their squad.

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