League Cup: Manchester United's Season Heads Down The Drain After Loss To Sunderland

By Phil Naegely
Photo courtesy of Manchester United’s twitter account

Since 2014 arrived, Manchester United has yet to find a win. On Tuesday in League Cup action, it looked like the Red Devils would be able to turn their season around against Sunderland, who sit at the EPL table’s rock bottom. However, Sunderland pulled out a 2-1 win, and now United’s manager David Moyes is further in the spotlight.

Earlier this week, Moyes hoped the League Cup would provide a boost to his squad, yet it did the exact opposite. Yet again, United showed their weaknesses and flaws on the pitch. However, the squad did show some times of brilliance, threatening attacks, and solid defense. In order to win games, United needs to play a consistent 90 minutes of soccer, which they have failed to do in 2014.

With the League Cup loss, United is doing one thing consistently. They have lost three straight games for the first time since 2001, and have done so by identical 2-1 losses. Moyes needs to find some transfer targets and sign them fast, or the team’s season will be flushed down the drain. The League Cup is the Red Devils’ only chance of winning a domestic title this year. The second-leg of United vs. Sunderland will take place in exactly two weeks, and United will need to play their best soccer or their shot at winning League Cup, or any other title this season, will be over.

Something within the United squad needs to change for a different result. Maybe it is time for Moyes to go, but this move shouldn’t happen right away. On the other hand, Moyes could toy with the lineup in order to inspire his squad back to winning way. One thing is for sure, United is playing some rough soccer lately, and Tuesday’s loss to Sunderland shows that something needs to change.

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