Both David Moyes And Sir Alex Ferguson To Blame For Manchester United's Failure

By kennethbrown
Witters Sport- USA TODAY Sports

When Sir Alex Ferguson left Manchester United, many believed he had left David Moyes with a good set of players, but did he? Yes, Sir Alex’s side won the 2012-13 Premier League at ease, but was that through luck, motivation and a lack of other contenders? Moyes’ United side have been a shadow of their former selves, but with the mess that’s starting to develop at Old Trafford, some are saying Sir Alex knew this was coming, and that he and Moyes must both share the blame.

United lost 2-1 away to Sunderland in the Capital One Cup for their third defeat in a row, prompting many discussions on where they can go from here. With Rio Ferdinand, Nemanja Vidic and Patrice Evra all out of contract in the summer, United could be left with a young, erratic defense. Their team is aging, and they don’t have the financial power to attract adequate replacements, or do they?

Sir Alex knew that many of his star players were edging towards being below par, and he knew (recent years proves this) that he wouldn’t have the money to properly replace the talent. If he was aware of this, it made sense to retire and watch the mess start without himself being to blame, didn’t it? This current batch would have performed a lot better for Sir Alex than they have for Moyes, but it’s clear that United are going to lose a lot of players, and they will have to bring in a lot.

United will need a couple of world-class defenders, a dominating midfielder or two, and possibly a classy, young forward to replace or compliment Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie. It seems like the Manchester United of the past are dead and buried, which may be true, but they were always going to struggle sooner or later. Now is the time to let go of the older players and reinvest their money wisely, making United a young, hungry and fearful team for opponents to face.

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