Manchester United: Koke, Ilkay Gundogan Gundogan Among Big Guns On Radar

By Aydin Reyhan
Man United
Photo courtesy of Manchester United Official Facebook page

Manchester United is a team that simply has to hit the panic button after yet another loss in another domestic cup game. After losing 2-1 at home to Swansea in the FA Cup and losing 2-1 at Sunderland earlier today in the first leg of the Capitol One Cup, their hopes of winning a trophy have been seriously dented.

This is a team that has a great roster, but they keep relying on the aging players to play in a league that is getting younger year by year. The kids in this league are lifting, training, learning and buzzing all around the field, especially when they play against a club full of legends like United.

Due to this, United has faced some problems whether it be losing, drawing or forcing new coach David Moyes to make some tough decisions with the roster. The first half of the season has made it more than obvious that reinforcements need to be brought in. Well, this is where Koke (Atletico Madrid) or Ilkay Gundogan (Borussia Dortmund) could come in handy.

Koke is a 21-year-old midfielder who is raising Atletico’s game to the next level each time he plays. His teammates are good enough to succeed without him on the pitch, but his presence gives them that extra something. He is fast, skilled and confident enough to take chances.

The only problem is that if he were to join United, he would be overwhelmed with the pressure and would most certainly not be trusted right away. In fact, he would probably have to ride the pine for just a bit before eventually joining the starting 11. His teammates would not trust him with the ball as much since he is young and inexperienced in the Premier League, but they would certainly learn his abilities after a few full games.

Gundogan is a man who has truly masterminded the midfield game as he is the best in his position in Dortmund. After helping to destroy Bayern Munich in the German Super Cup, he has not played a single minute due to a lingering injury that is finally beginning to pass after all this time.

If he returns to full health and joins United, he could add a passing and shooting flair that has not been at Old Trafford in a long time. However, like the rest, he would have to fight for a starting spot.

Koke and Gundogan are both smart players who are still in their early 20s. If they do join United, they should not be expected to save the season alone as they are just one man each. However, their influential play could attract others to play at the same level and put in hearty performances during every match. If they can do that, United will soar right back up to the top.

Manchester United is a legendary soccer club, which is why they have to snap out of this funk immediately.

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