Bayern Munich's Act Of Generosity To Fans vs. Arsenal Another Example Of German Football's Sanity

By Stowe Gregory
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Bayern Munich‘s act of subsidizing their supporters’ trip to Arsenal is an example of just how much closer the German game is kept to the fans.

The World Club Cup Champions have stated that they will offer cheaper seats to their fans for the away first-leg of their last-16 Champions League match in London against Arsenal next month. Fans will have to pay 45 Euros rather than 75 Euros that Arsenal have charged as the club helps out their own fans.

It is yet another example of just how there is far more sanity in regard to supporters in Germany than the opposite we see in the UK. It is an act of respect and awareness of just how important fans are to a club rather than using them as customers and ‘milking’ them for more and more revenue — something we have seen at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium with the highest ticket prices in the Premier League.

Bundesliga clubs are always 51 percent owned by the fans, rather than an owner dominated league that is seen in England’s top flight. But I don’t see that as an excuse as to why English club don’t support fans much. Supporters are the integral part of a football club no matter the share of the ownership; they are the thing that keeps it running.

Of course the fear for those English club fans is that their position of importance may simply get lower and lower as commercial boosts push the average paying man out of a seat for a home match.

Bayern Munich, one of the most high profile clubs in the world, recognizes that. They realize that their fans provide something money can’t buy. They stated on their website:

“A large number of fans support Bayern not only at the high points but also at every away game. It should be clear to everyone that this loyalty involves a great deal of time and expense. Bayern have therefore decided to subsidize the tickets for the away game at Arsenal.”

In the Premier League it is extremely rare to see such acts of awareness and reward. Lower League British clubs are more involved in that, but the top division sees frequent protests against owners, ticket prices and methods that ultimately leave the loyal supporters frustrated.

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