Gianluigi Buffon's Memorable Career Will Hopefully Go On For Many More Years

By Riccardo Di Julio
Gianluigi Buffon
Image courtesy of FIGC official Facebook page

In an interview to, Gianlugi Buffon‘s agent Silvano Martina has assured that Italy‘s glorious goalkeeper will continue to play professionally for many years to come. He will take the field until he determines, on his own, that he’s not good enough anymore.

Of course, for millions of fans all over the world, including those who dislike Italy, the hope is for this legendary career to never end, considering that he is one of the best goalkeepers in soccer history. As a matter of fact, as demonstrated both at a club level and national team, the 35-year-old has constantly proven why he is the world’s no. 1.

Given that his professional career has now reached the 19th year, it is more than understandable that he might make random technical mistakes from match to match. However, such mistakes have almost never happened in crucial games such as a final or a playoff clash.

On the contrary, whenever Buffon has had to play big matches, which has been often, he has almost always found a way to be decisive on and off the field thanks to his amazing leadership.

Perhaps only Spain captain Iker Casillas could be said to have a similar level of play compared to the Juventus goalkeeper, especially in the last few years. He was able to gain a significant amount of experience that allowed him not to make mistakes in important games.

Without a doubt, they are still both the world’s best goalkeepers, unreachable to the rest. They will forever be remembered as authentic national heroes in their own countries for having significantly contributed in the World Cup victories of 2006 and 2010, among other achievements.

As of today, Buffon is preparing to participate in the fifth World Cup of his career. Ironically, the first four adventures have been all different from each other: having gone to France in 1998 just as the third goalkeeper for the Azzurri, he then lived through, in chronological order, the unfair journey in Korea and Japan, the glorious triumph in Germany and the unfortunate shame in South Africa.

In Brazil, he will start the tournament with a new approach as he will be the main captain and the most respected leader. He will be required to perform at his best to allow Italy to even dream of succeeding. While the dream of seeing Buffon defending Italy’s goal for more years is only a fantasy, fans can at least hope for their legendary idol to say goodbye to Nazionale in the perfect way — in Rio de Janeiro with the World Cup trophy in his hands.

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