AC Milan Legend Kaka Making Case For WC Spot

By Aydin Reyhan
Photo courtesy of the official Facebook page of Kaka

The attack-minded midfielder has made his much anticipated return to AC Milan in stunning fashion as he has carried this team on his back. Sure, they sit 11th in the Serie A, but this man has played well throughout the first half of the season. Scoring goals and notching assists are what Kaka does, but being the leader among his peers and in the eyes of the fans is what makes him such a special talent.

At Real Madrid, he was never given a fair chance, regardless of how many injuries he faced. Whenever he was fully healthy, coach Jose Mourinho simply did not trust in his abilities enough to start him ahead of the likes of Mesut Ozil or Angel Di Maria. Therefore, he jumped into games and only played for about an hour or less, which is why he never exploded by scoring a plethora of goals or finding teammates as many times as he did back in the day at Milan.

Now, he no longer faces as many injury issues, but he is quite a few years older than he was during his first stint in the Italian league. Kaka has simply been given the chance and same trust he had the first time around, and using it to his advantage has not been a problem. He has possession of the ball, plays with the same flair and is still the main fan favorite.

With all of that said, there is simply no reason why (as long as he plays efficiently) he wouldn’t be considered to cement a spot on the final WC roster for his native Brazil in next summer’s World Cup. He started back in 2006 and 2010, so maybe jumping in off the bench or even starting in a successive third tournament would bring experience and excitement to everyone involved. He deserves a chance, plain and simple.

As long as the 31-year-old can manage to stay healthy and keep playing long minutes, he has a fair chance at making it to the WC in a deserving manner.

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