Premier League: Top 5 Worst Games of the Weekend

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Not Top 5: Worst Premier League Games of the Weekend

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The 2013/14 Premier League season has been a great one. The title race is as close as it has been in recent years and fans have been treated to plenty of story lines. Good teams are falling – Manchester United – and recent whipping posts have become threats, such as Everton. The league has had plenty of weekends filled with great matches, but sorry, this is not one of them.

When looking over the fixture list, it is easy to look beyond it, to look hopefully beyond it for next match-week. No big-name match ups, not title deciders, just good teams snatching up sorely needed points, while making sure to not sleep on a minnow that could add another notch to the loss column.

If this were any other league, fans would be treated to this kind of weekend on a consistent basis. It has become commonplace for many top leagues to be a two or three horse race (or one in the Bundesliga). The Premier League is lucky enough to have six teams within ten points of each other, and three within two.

Do not get me wrong, there are still a few good games watch and I will make a point to catch them, as I am sure plenty of you will, too. Southampton hosting West Brom is the shining light of this fixture grouping. These teams have been poor recently but are always able to create chances.

In such an eventful season, though, it is hard to see this week making much of an impression on the title race.

Now, without further ado, here is the Premier League Week 21 Not Top Five, or the five worst games of the season.

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5. Manchester United vs. Swansea City

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If someone said that these two teams would be ranked seventh and thirteenth, they would have been run out of town for lunacy, yet here we are.

A year ago, this would be a blockbuster fixture that everyone would be circling on their calendars. This year, not so much. This rematch of a few days ago had a stellar ending, but will likely be a cagier affair this time around.

This game's saving grace is that it is the only game in its time slot and doesn't have to compete with the rest, much like these two teams this season.

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4. Stoke City vs. Liverpool

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Stoke City are a very hot-and-cold team. One week they beat Chelsea, the next they get crushed by Newcastle United.

Liverpool have been better this season, but their lack of depth and extreme reliance on Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge will be their eventual downfall.

Unless you are a fan of either team, this will be a snooze-fest, although Liverpool fans will vehemently disagree.

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3. Tottenham vs. Crystal Palace

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Tottenham have looked better recently since the appointment of Tim Sherwood as manager, but they are still the same inconsistent side they were before. Crystal Palace are no team to sleep on, but they will induce plenty of shut-eye.

The only thing worth betting on is Roberto Soldado taking a penalty... boring.

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2. Fulham vs. Sunderland

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Now we are getting into the nitty gritty. As fun as it is to watch Dimitar Berbatov give 50 percent for 100 percent of the game, it's not. Sunderland have been much better with Gus Poyet as manager, but are still last in the league.

At least Fulham have Pajtim Kasami, who looks likely to become a real star.

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1. Cardiff City vs. West Ham United

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Here is the winner.

The only headline of note is the recent appointment of the Baby-Faced Assassin as gaffer at Cardiff. That's Ole Gunnar Solskjaer if you don't remember the super-sub at Manchester United.

This is a battle for skirting relegation, and that is as great as it can sound.

Crazy Cardiff owner Vincent Tan may be the most exciting part of the game, so long as a camera is kept on him at all times.

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